RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 20/10/2020


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      Da Duck was in a good mood today turning on a magnificent Spring morning with light to very light winds and cloudless skies.

      A fleet of 13 skippers came out to enjoy 8 solid races and some good old fashioned fun with their DF95s.

      We had two new skippers and their boats join us today, John M #168 and John S (Blank) both launched and sailed their new 95’s for the very first time. The Merry Men welcome you to da Duck gentlemen, the best fun you can have standing up.

      After some technical adjustments to the new equipment we got underway for the first race pretty much on time and in beautiful conditions.

      The Admiral #72 took the day off and went cruising for a change today, posting his worst overall result for many years. A strong contender for the white cane, he hopes the handicapper will be kinder to him in a fortnights’ time.

      Phil T #261 like the Admiral, struggled with the light conditions and dead spots. Best result for the smiling assassin was a fifth place in race five.

      Don #99 also did not find the light conditions to his liking. In a unique occurrence, the unflappable ones’ jib sheet got trapped under the sticky tape securing the main hatch during the last race of the day. Despite this, his second in race four and a third in race six saw him rise to be ninth overall for the day.

      Mike #96 came out of the blocks with purpose scoring a second place for the first race of the day. Taking time out in races four and five to capture some great stills of the action, he still finished seventh overall for the day.

      Kermit #82 made a major miscalculation through winning race four outright and with a good margin. To celebrate, our slippery friend took to the dinghy, anchored out in the middle of the pond and captured the action in races five to seven.

      Bloody Geoff #79 the raft up legend kept a uncharacteristic low profile today with his best result a third in race five. Apparently he gets Bloody Geoff at home now too poor chap. You can’t keep a good man down for long though and we expect a full recovery of raft ups and collisions by next Tuesday.

      Justin #61 started slowly to get into his game with a trifecta of eighth places. By race six he found form and climbed firmly back in the saddle, finishing the day with three consecutive podiums.

      Conversely our Stuart #58 started confidently at the pointy end and would have placed much higher than fourth for the day if not for a lapse to the back of the fleet in races four and five. Happily, no skippers missed being blamed for this lapse of form.

      Great to see Uncle G #02 back at the Duck and in fine form. Just for fun he brought along his latest ‘all singing and dancing’ GoPro gadget and from race two onwards captured some astounding on-water vision. Despite the extra weight the G ship was still faster than most, pushing him up into third overall for the day.

      With three firsts, two fourths and a third, one could be forgiven for thinking Pete #27 would be a shoe-in to win the day. He was in fact the fastest 95 of the fleet through beating out Uncle G on count back.

      As an inclusive move, the Merry Men have allowed those new skippers who do not yet own a 95 to race with them and benefit from a 30 second early advantage over the scratch handicap starters.

      Our good friend Trouty #11 sailing his 65 today sailed well and won easily in the light and fluky conditions.  Congratulations Trouty, you are our winner of the day.

      After eight races with two drops, the final points were:

      John M on 72 points, John B on 46, Col on 42, Phil T on 42, Don on 41, Kermit on 35, Mike on 33, Geoff on 32, Justin on 30, Stuart on 27, Gerald on 14, Pete on 14 (count back) and our winner today Trouty on 13 points.


      Thank you all for coming and making it a great day. Big thank you to Graeme for scoring all the races and to our trio of media men, Kermit, Mike and Gerald for going that extra mile and recording some truly fantastic memories.

      Next week its pocket rocket 65s time, I can’t wait.

      Words by the Admiral, fun was well represented by all who attended.

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        Fantastic video footage and still photos. Looks like it was a great day. Congrats to Kermit and well done Trouty for sorting out the “big boys”.

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      On Board!

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        Great footage Uncle G.  It would have been great to be able to pan it but a bit too much hardware to carry around.

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          Thanks Ron, would be nice but the Gopro 9 only just fits as it is. Good thing the boom is bent.

          I have the FPV boat for the pan shots.

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      Did anyone see a black chair I left it by the pond

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      Oi SFB, all skippers missed being blamed but one and he admitted it and later apologised.  Methinks you have been talking to your mates Kyle and Weasel!!!!


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        No, just listening to you !!😂

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      Big congratulations to our media men for their fine work. So much to be amused and educated by in your efforts, well done. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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      With video editing  I an make you last  or the winner  Now if officially  I’m not in my preferred  position in future ………………….just sayin

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