RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2018 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 20.11.’18

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      It was Champagne and agony today for the 8 skippers who turned up to sail at Puddleduck.

      Agony as to which rig to use in what appeared to be a top end A or a comfortable B Rig breeze. Champagne for those who toughed it out and chose an A over a B.

      Though it was gusty at times, in the quieter moments the A’s extra horsepower was a huge advantage.

      Pete took out the first race in his new 95’ (A Rig) and showed great consistency throughout. Kermit then unleashed a torrent of green Icarex goodness (A Rig) with a second and first place in the first two races of the day to finished third overall.

      Another great example of consistent sailing was Bones from Bendigo (A Rig). The Northern raider showed good form all day, only his unfamiliarity with the venue saving the locals from embarrassment.

      Another new member of the merry men, John came down to try out his new Black Icarex A+ rigged 65’. Although it wasn’t even close to being ideal conditions for that rig it certainly made a picture we all admired. John didn’t race as the V1 hull unfortunately developed a leak early and had to retire.

      It was agony though for Dave and Geoff with their B Rig suited 95’s. Their early strong performances and good starts quickly evaporating as the A Rigs caught up and passed.

      After six races and one drop the results were:

      Geoff on 25 points, Dave on 21, Bones on 16, Kermit on 16 (after count back), Pete on 10 and Col on 7 points.

      Mike once again gave us the benefit of his skill and expertise in capturing the day through his excellent pics and video.

      Overall it was a fabulous day’s racing and friendly rivalry had once more at the Duck. Next Tuesday we return with the pocket rockets, the mighty DF65’s. I’m reliably informed there are some new players joining us then. Should be a colourful event. 😉



      To view more pics from the day follow this link

      Here is race three:

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