RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 22-06-2021

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      Another fine day of DF65 racing @ The Duck today on a very chilly winters day.

      16 boats on the water today, the fleet seems to grow each week despite the often cold & miserable winter weather.

      I saw Kermit on the camera for the last two races so no doubt there will be Toad Hall Productions video added to the post.

      As always a big thank you to Sue for her role as Official race starter/scorer and to Ron for supplying the eats (all quality home made fare) at the after race coffee break.

      Better watch out Ron, with all those goodies you baked the skippers may grow to expect it each week.


      First Place today was Greg #b2 on 15 points, Second Place was Stuart #08 (RG65) on 18 points & third place was Colin (the Admiral returns) #23 on 19 points.


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      Great to be back with the scurvy crew once more while home duties (mandated by SWMBO) were attended to and tidied up.
      Great also to see a growing number of new skippers joining in the fun now.  Must be doing something right!
      The recent growth of home built RG’s @ da Duck is a refreshing development and their performance today was certainly impressive!

      I’ll also add my thanks to Sue for scoring, Kermit for capture, Mike for calculating then publishing the scores and also to Ron for an excellent baking effort which was much appreciated and enjoyed by all.

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      Hmmm might need a trip to spec savers Kermit old mate. Number on the winning boat in race four….. 23 not 32!

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      ah so now not happy about being the cooks offsider  you wanna be the video proof reader as well   good god man accept your new position in life      I was waiting for someone else to come forward  this was a test to see who looks at the videos  now I’ll never know  sheeeeze

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      I would not worry there are only 9 boats the difference

      See I watch the vids and read the comments

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      so Mr moose did you go to spec savers an get new eyes we all thought it was brail that you could only read  god damn boy your getting talented  next you will want to fly like the big boys

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      Kermit, I think it’s you who needs to go to Spec Savers, not only did you get the Admiral’s number wrong in his moment of glory but you also got Geoff’s wrong as well. it’s 80 not 88.

      (2nd bad Boat)

      Please get the information correct. (Like my accurate sailing videos), other than that a good video, well done.

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      another critic   but  this time its fair enough because these mistakes were deliberate as said before it was so I could see who checks these videos out  little did I realise that the   cooks assistant and the blue boat sink em all captain would respond first  still waiting for a normal person to respond

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        You got it wrong again, the Moose responded before me?

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      It seems that some of us have way too much spare time!!

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        yep I agree captn pete  it doesnt matter who responded first  or second   someone is trying to stir the pot

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