RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 22/09/2020


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      The Heinz 57 varieties of wind conditions didn’t stop ten skippers today from enjoying da Duck in one of its more playful moods.

      Plenty of enthusiasm and good natured ribbing saw the Merry Men of Puddleduck pond sail 10 solid races where anything could happen and frequently did.

      A new order for an extra long white cane will be forthcoming to accomodate some more names soon to be engraved upon it. Pete #27 stranded first on the start buoy, the Admiral #72 was next onto number two and subsequently rowed out to free both.  Before the Admiral could regain the shore, Pete had put plain jane up on the next one as well.

      Bloody Geoff #79, a lifetime recipient of the white cane award was once more living up to the legend. A victory in race eight helped his march to third overall, however his mid-race, on-water rig change was definitely a highlight.

      With no less than four outright victories our  Pete #27 was red hot and a shoe in to win the day. Then in race nine disaster struck as two consecutive buoy strandings and a parted main sheet put a spectacular end to his run. Some speculated possible attention-seeking behaviours, but I’m calling it a good sailor shit out of luck.

      The 65s came out to play with the greyhounds but the breezes didn’t favour them. Despite this Trouty #11 claimed outright victory in race nine helping him placing sixth overall for the day.

      Ron #165 also brought along his 65 to run with the hounds. Great to see him having fun with his new boat and having a good laugh with the merry men.

      Don #99 was having a nice day @ da Duck stringing a second place in three of the last four races. These good results added to his outright victory in race four and gave the unflappable one fourth overall for the day.

      Peter S #35 was pretty upbeat today enjoying sailing the unmissable hi-vis orange rocket. Peters best result was a third in race three although he was in the thick of the hottest racing throughout.

      Kermit #82 was almost invisible today with the Duck Hunter uncharacteristically sporting factory sails and leading many races. Happy to report he has now made a full recovery and feeling much better. Kermit took the awesome photos in this post and will be hoisting his legendary colours next race day.

      The Admiral #72 managed a victory in race six and a smile all day. He was however also a popular choice for one of Bloody Geoff’s quick raft-ups on more than one occasion. That plus a penalty or two and missing the odd buoy put him back in seventh for the day.

      Jammy #21 raced well this morning, a string of podium places capped off with a victory in the final race giving him second overall.

      The Merry Men of Puddleduck were joined today for the first time by local RC sailing legend Stuart D. Far from being a shy retiring gent, Stuart lost no time in stringing together three third and three second place finishes to add to his outright victory in race five to be our overall champion. Welcome to our fun sailing group Stuart and congratulations on a fine performance today.

      After ten races with two drops the final points were.

      Ron C on 62, Kermit on 56 points, Peter S on 41, Col on 41, Trouty on 39, Pete on 34, Don on 29, Geoff on 28, Jammy on 22 and our winner today Stuart D on 21 points.

      It was another fantastic day @ da Duck and there are some special thanks to those who kept things tidy and running smoothly. “No Shit” Stuart H for being our RO, Kermit for his fantastic media contribution and Neil for being our timekeeper.

      I’d also like to extend a warm welcome to John S, Stuart D and Ross B to our group. Ross is considering the purchase of a DF65 and will attend next week to sail one. John has been once before and tells me today he has a DF95 on order from Hobby Warehouse. We look forward to sharing our fun with you from now on guys.

      Words by the Admiral, fun …. resistance is futile.

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      Another great day out at the Duck. Thanks to all.

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        Yes! Part two please Kermit!

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      Good job Kermit


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        You legend Kermit!! Great work 👍

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