RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 22/10/2019


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      I hate to be the bringer of bad tidings but there has been a change in final placings due to a mathematical error PondSide (which is easy to do and has no reflection on our superb PRO & score keeper Phil).

      Justin’s score before any drops actually added up to 34 and not 36, after dropping 2 x 6th places he ended up with a score of 22 which puts him into 5th place and relegates Col to 6th place with 23. Well done Justin.


      If I had to sum up today in four words, they would be “great conditions, fine company”

      Both were plentiful as I’m sure the other 10 skippers would agree.

      Ron #63 kicked off the day with a determined run at the viewing platform. Just like the fountain however it didn’t give right of way, letting him off with a caution this time.

      Speaking of fountains, we now have a new competitor in the mountin’ fountin’ stakes. This time our Graeme #52 took liberties with the watery beast and paid the price.

      Kermit #82 did not disappoint today. I have it on good authority our favourite villain was pretty casual with the finish line, allegedly ‘faking’ a wonky rudder servo right before the finish in quite a number of races. Strangely, this problem seemed to ‘fix itself’ each time before the start of the next race 🙄 With three other competitors all pulling out at different times frogboy regains his rightful position once more in last place for the day.

      Mike #96 still had his head in the clouds and never really got Abigail out of bed today. Still ever the clubman though, Mike could be counted on for a jolly good raftup when required, photo’s too.

      Black sails rool bro (sic), as our youngest member Justin #61 showed clearly today why he is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Sailing brilliantly, he put many of the old hands in his wake, well done.

      The Admiral #72 was off his game today, managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on numerous occasions.

      In four races our Geoff #79 finished in a podium spot. The new blue bomb had a ton of speed and was continuously at the pointy end, only let down by a few other ‘ho hum’ finishes that dragged his points down to fourth overall for the day.

      The unflappable one (Don #99), found nice form by the second half of the program. Good boat speed and some even better decisions gave him a podium third place overall.

      No shit Stuart #58 sailed well but was lacking the fine consistency we so often see from him. His two firsts, a second and a third didn’t balance out the rest of his mid fleet finishes thus giving him second overall for the day.

      With three firsts a second, two thirds and a fourth, the title of Mr Consistency and overall winner of the day rightfully go to our Gerald #02. Congratulations, and well played mate.

      We were blessed once more by engaging our newest member to rctoystasmania.com group Phil (Trouty) in the PRO and scorers position. He once again did a fine job, thank you.

      After eight races with two drops The final scores were:

      Dennis, Graeme and Ron (no score recorded), Kermit on 41 points, Mike on 37, Col on 23, Justin on 24 22,  Geoff on 21, Don on 18, Stuart on 16 and our winner today Gerald on 11 points.

      Congratulation everyone on a fine day of great racing and friendship. Next week we dust off the pocket rockets for another fine day @ da duck.

      Words by The Admiral, pics by Mike, fun was unavoidable.

      For more pics of today click here


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      Well the challenge was sent out and was accepted by the Admiral  ( for those that didn’t know  UNCLE G  challenged the admiral to a  show down ) as the admiral was late to turn up we assumed he didn’t want to be humiliated  but to his credit we had our races   and his butt was well and truly whipped by  perhaps the greatest  yacht skipper that has ever lived   speed grace finesse all the hallmarks of a skipper in his prime  was executed and finalised to be repeated  when ever he wishes  but my advise would be to allow some others to approach and feel the kiss of victory  (for awhile ) like for example young Justin one mistake away from the admirals old spot   and before I finish  a BIG BIG  thank you to TROUTY  ( phil  )  for his well run racing day   I trust that you will get onto the waters of the pond  and play with us an give the admiral an eye full of your wake  as most of the fleet are starting to do             is this the end for the x champion   i think not


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        Dear Kermit (can I call you Kermi?)

        I am touched to know you care so much about me but really, really, really it’s not necessary.
        No really, it’s all a bit embarrassing and you must stop (soonish) because it would be a tragedy for the rest of our fine fellows to feel left out or unloved by your generous amphibious affection.
        Thank you once again, you cute widdle froggy for all the wonderful attention that you heap upon me.

        Thanks too for the wonderful lotus leaves and jar of pond scum. I know you mean well.
        Toodle ooo


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      Pics & scoresheet now posted.


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        Thanks Mike!!

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          Happy to assist, just got a bit busy this afternoon hence the late posting.

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      It was a perla of a day with some great Racing the pics look awesome can’t wait till next week for the 65s

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