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      Hard to believe it was possible, but days @ the Duck just seem to be getting better and better. A record attendance saw the pond ablaze with colour as all 12 skippers jostled for position on the starting line

      There was real excitement in the air with new boats, new sails and a raised skill level across the board that now sees the pointy end looking oversubscribed. Even the weather was sharing the love as perfect breezes caressed the fleet when racing got underway.

      Fantastic to welcome back Pete #78 (aka Pink Bits) into the throng and a surprise attendance by our own Geoff #80. Though still recovering from his kidney operation Geoff brought his ‘65 down for a few races before being called away for yet another checkup.

      The day wasn’t without its casualties however. Both Graeme #52 and Kermit #82 suffered winch failures and early retirements during the morning. Kermit had a backup boat but it fell too with a fondness for pond water inside the hull as well as out.

      Graeme took over PRO duties following his retirement and did an excellent job.

      John #62 has begun to show what he is capable of and with more stick time we will see a lot more of #62 at the pointy end.

      With just three points separating them by racing’s end, brothers Paul #59 and Justin #61 had a major dustup on the race course. With both sporting new boats and sails there was no quarter given as each fought for dominance. The finishing positions of the lads in no way reflects just how well both sailed today and we look forward to a lot more of the same in the future.

      Mike #64 returned to us today and rediscovered just how shallow the far bank is. He had lots of company though as the swirly breeze in this area caught many skippers out attempting their leeward mark turns.

      Don #99 had a decidedly mixed day. The unflappable one started with some fairly ordinary scores (for him) but by race six he was a weapon claiming two firsts and a second in the next four.

      Pete #78 was back and in good shape once more claiming three firsts and two thirds as he took out fourth position for the day.

      Ricky #52 showed that it’s not the boat that makes a difference. Swapping his old Mt Gay 30 for a brand new ‘65 he claimed a first, two seconds and two thirds after much spirited sailing against the other front runners.

      Col #23 probably had the pace to take the  chocolates today with two firsts, two seconds and third however a few silly mistakes, a run-in with the fountain and a fondness for being in irons put that out of contention.

      Gerald #02 was in strapping form once more racking up a first, two seconds and two thirds. Good pace and consistency were the winning formula and today the honour of Top Duck rests rightfully on his shoulders.

      After ten races with two drops the final score were:

      Graeme – retired, Geoff – retired, John on 71 points, Kermit on 53, Paul on 52, Justin on 49, Mike on 43, Don on 32, Pete on 25, Ricky on 24, Col on 23 and our winner today Gerald on 22.

      Congratulations everyone on being there for another cracker day @ the Duck.

      Next week we set loose the DF95 greyhounds to tear up the track once more.

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      Thanks for the fine report Col, another great day of racing @ The Duck. Thanks to all who attended and joined in the frivolities.


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      Today the admiral was hoisted to further heights as he tried to conqueror the heights of the fountain it was a wasted effort as predator has the height issue wrapped up  and what a turn out hundreds of skippers came out to play   the start line was by  boat number in order from 1 to 100 it was slow but it worked the resident ducks walked the shoreline no room on the water  there were so many tussells that the mud banks were a mass of sails like turtles flapping there flippers to get off johns black boat refused to move so a proder was required  so many story’s pinki had a sail winch problem  easy fixed an back into it ya cant take it away from UNCLE G  as my former student he has surpassed his master by a long shot  that brings me to my day  alas the duck hunter was disabled quite early in the day with a winch line that wrapped around its base and ripped the pulley from its base causing a hole  then on a masterfully skilled sailing effort I started to return to shore  but she started to fill as she neared the jetty water was up to her gunnels  as he slipped into my outstretched fingers she started to be a submarine not only is she a duck hunter on top but now she wants em under water  after letting out the water a crack was found at the keel acting like a scoop  ( now fixed ) as I always take advice from the ones that know  my servos and winch still work because of predators advice  pack your electrics in Vaseline  saved a few bob on that one  if I hadn’t had that problem I would had whipped the lot of em for sure A  lot of great sailors playing today great to see sorry about my story but I considered it far more worthy of reporting  such a fine effort  of boat retrieval by a master mariner     regards kermit la frog

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      Another great day at the Duck. Plenty of skippers had technical issues, but we all had fun and the racing was super close. Weed really wasn’t an issue, so some of us didn’t have an excuse.

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      Thanks again Kermit for all your training and letting me watch you set up your boat before racing started. (I learned a lot in that 5 minutes)

      Another enjoyable day of sailing at the duck!

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      Thank you my young Padawan  but you now are a full Jedi sailing warrior stay in the light and sail like a true jedi sailing master MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU

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