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      Duck luck rules!!! The big equaliser was back in force creating chaos and bewilderment among the twelve unsuspecting skippers who turned up to play today.

      It was better to be first or last today for clean undisturbed air and I reckon Poonie #58 got plenty of that this morning.

      Gadget #164 did also with a wonky rudder servo failing in race one, then causing a full blown fountin’ mountin’ in race two. This requiring Gadget to display his unfathomable talent for oarsmanship in the dinghy.

      A good sailor sh*t out of luck was our Bodge #66. It’s just as well he had bad luck otherwise he’d have no luck at all today. Watch this space, he’ll be back.

      The Smiling Assassin #261 wasn’t smiling much today after he launched the red devil with a brand new set of black poly sails. After almost being lapped in race one he spat the dummy and made a change back to his vanilla set. A fine recovery saw our Phil (almost) bursting into a grin in race six where he took the top step in style.

      Bloody Geoff#79 is not giving me a lot to write about these days but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his two excellent victories in races two and five and a very creditable third in the first race of the day.

      A Poor Sheep #55 had a bad case of BUOY trouble snagging no less than five of the poor little buggers this morning. Couldn’t leave him feeling down, so to cheer him up we let him win race three, and that did the trick.

      Another good day out for the Unflappable One #99. A slow start for our Don matured into good solid finishes for him in races five and six.

      Great to see Fab #61 back with the ‘duckers and sailing well. Some close racing and exciting finishes are as much fun as winning them sometimes and Fab was never short of opportunities there.

      The Admiral #72 paid a visit today and placed a couple of seconds in the first four races.  Plenty of tacking duals and razor thin finishes added up to a fine day sailing for him.

      Arguably our two best regulars handled the ultra tricky conditions the best of us all and in the wash up there was only a single point difference in their totals.

      Jammy #23 sailed well and amassed a stonking fifty seconds in time penalties by stumps. This was quite a feat given the unpredictable conditions, however this time Mr Consistency Trout #37 amassed four thirds, one second and a first in his total with a fourth as his worst result. A magnificent display of helmsmanship and patience saw him edge out the hard charging Jamster to win the day overall. Congratulations Trout, well done.


      Nice to see Scrooge come down to join the merry throng today. Even brought the Jammy Dodger for a run.


      Important Announcements

      Next Tuesday 31st January starting at 9am a working bee has been called to tidy up our pond for the upcoming Peter Smith Memorial Regatta.

      The working bee will primarily be to pull the buoy markers, clean and tidy them up and replace worn cord/fittings as and where needed before being dropped back in place. Weed has not been the problem it has been in the past but we will monitor this just the same and take clearing action closer to the event if required. Some slashing of the pond-side rushes has also been approved and can be undertaken concurrently should you possess the right tools and bring them with you.

      The Peter Smith Memorial 2023 sees a change in the race control area from previous years. As you will recall we have previously run the regatta from the viewing verandah adjacent to the tasting room.

      This year we are placing the control area on the other side of the pond. Puddleduck management have agreed and are being their wonderful selves by setting up some equipment to make this happen for us.

      The outlook over there is magnificent and affords a full view of the racing area for competitors and guests to enjoy. In years past the midday/afternoon sun has shone off the ponds’ surface making it difficult to see buoys, other boats and judge distances. Placing the control area on the other side of the pond eliminates these problems by affording a full 180 degree view of the racing course without light reflections.

      In addition to the generous wine prizes they donate every year, Puddleduck management are organising shade, toilets, a temporary launching jetty plus tea/coffee facilities for us too. Lunch will be in the tasting rooms as will the final presentation of trophies at the Regattas conclusion.

      We are so lucky to have our hosts at Puddleduck looking after us and I for one am very grateful for their patronage.

      See you Tuesday!


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      A great write up again Admiral and a very memorable day, for some.

      Changes to the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta sound very exciting and believe everyone will be looking forward to it.  Thank you for all your hard work in organising this with Puddleduck staff.

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        Thanks Gadget. Thanks too for your efforts this past year in making our sailing days run smoothly.

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      Thanks Admiral for another great summary of today’s events. Well sailed Trout, Jammy and Bloody Geoff 👍

      PS You can count me in for the working bee next week, thanks again for organising 👍

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        Thanks Bodge great to have you with us.
        Shouldn’t take us long with a crew, then we can get into the fun stuff sooner!

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      Count me in too, Admiral.

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        Excellent! Thanks Jammy.

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