RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 24/10/2020


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      “I wouldn’t be dead for quids” pretty much sums up the day the Merry Men had today.

      The forecast of 5-8 knots of NW breeze was spot on plus the usual amount of fickle shifts and dead spots we have become accustomed to made for a great day @ da Duck.

      A good spread of results from all skippers was pleasing and shows the handicap system we now use is working well. Proof being that many of today’s race finishes were extraordinary close.

      Despite the sluggish parts delivery times we are experiencing lately, John M #168 turned up today with his brand new purple 65. The stock A sails he had bent on were a bit underpowered in today’s light conditions however it was a perfect day for its maiden voyage.

      Despite John’s good news, Ross is still waiting for his boat to arrive. He came along today despite that and did a magnificent job of scoring for us all morning. We were missing two of our awesome media men Mike and Kermit,  however Ross came to our rescue here also and took a few pics of the fleet racing.

      Also helping out with pics today was Justin #61. Always a strong performer in this class, the Saint had his work cut out for him with the sometimes challenging conditions and strong competition from the fleets two RG65’s.

      It’s great to have them in the fleet and the handicap system helps to even out any large performance differences between them and our fleet of DF65’s admirably well. The groups original RG65 stalwart Graeme #52 had a mixed day despite his consistent finishes. In addition to an outright victory in the last race of the day, Graeme scored three thirds, three fourths, two sevenths and a sixth giving him an overall finish of fourth for the day.

      Everyone has them, but today just wasn’t Trouty’s #11 to do well. After some stellar recent performances he has felt the wrath of the handicapper and today started off the largest time penalty of anyone in the fleet.

      Despite two great victories in races three and seven, our Phil T #32 didn’t get the consistency he was after today. The Smiling assassin had five fifths and finished fifth overall. On the brighter side he was a clear favourite for the white cane award today particularly in regard to buoy 2!

      Back from a refreshing holiday in NW Tassy our Don #99 quickly found form stringing together consecutive victories in races four and five. Rumour has it though that the Unflappable one’s sixth place overall was really just a sandbagging ‘handicap improver’. Race committee is investigating.

      The Admiral #23 was a bit sluggish out of the blocks this morning however all wasn’t lost as the Royal Barge later lifted her game and slammed in two consecutive outright victories in races eight and nine. This last ditch effort put the Admiral in third overall for the day.

      Sporting a brand new set of self made Icarex sails, our Ricky #92 had his new RG dialled in and near unstoppable. Ricky’s one disastrous race played in his favour after two dropped races were applied, putting him over by just one point. Ricky sailed two firsts, two seconds, two thirds a fourth, fifth and a sixth.

      Congratulations on an excellent sail Ricky you are our winner this week.

      After 10 races the final points were:

      John M on 59 points, Trouty on 34, Don on 31, Phil T on 29, Graeme on 28, Admiral on 24, Justin on 22 and our winner today Ricky on just 21 points.

      Special thanks to Ross for stepping into the scorers roll, taking pics of the races and doing an excellent job of both. Also special mention of thanks to Justin for some additional pics which were very welcome.

      Next week it’s the ‘95 greyhounds turn to churn up da Duck. See you there.

      Words by the Admiral fun by everyone.

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