RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 24th September 2019 (DF95's)

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      Seeing as how “The Admiral” had sent his apologies for not attending today we will try a slightly different report format for this week starting off with the Scoresheet from today’s DF95 racing.

      There were nine skippers competing in today’s hotly contested racing with podium positions changing on most races.

      Whilst there were a few very strong gusts early in the day (some changed to “B” rigs – but not for long) overall the predominantly N/Nwesterly winds were kind to us and produced some extremely close finishes with many of the fleet finishing within a boat length of one another.

      Thanks to all who attended, including Tony (who was boat-less today due to a faulty winch) and Phil for keeping score and doing his level best to keep us all honest.

      Hopefully, me spouting less words, will encourage others to add their thoughts on the day

      (that’s other than Kermit, who always has his slant on the day and whom we thank for his continued support of the forum).

      Here are a few more pics, not up to the usual standard but I only had the phone today, too busy racing to get the big camera out.

      More pics from today are available here


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      Thanks for the score sheet and the photos Mike. The score sheet is a nice addition.

      The Duck was at it’s variable best. Duck luck was evident, both good and bad, and it helped keep the fleet together. Very few runaway winners today. Lots of close finishes, and quite a few collisions in the gusts.

      Ron dominated with some fountain time. The rest of us looked on in awe. Boats caught on the starting line buoy (twice) will not be mentioned.

      Thank you to Mike and Phil for a great day of sailing.

      Did anyone miss the heartless old bloke who used to use black sails?? I didn’t think so!!

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        Nice to know you scurvy lot missed me! ūüėČ

        Glad everyone had a good time and the day went well.


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      I shall abide by the New Admirals request for less words¬† but an its a big but¬† we were 45 minutes into racing and someone said wheres the admiral¬† dead quietness descended on the gathering¬† for more than two milliseconds¬† an we were back to racing¬† now that’s shameful how could we all have missed the big long extension pole he brings each week¬† we needed that pole today¬† Nah just kiddin¬† we had a spare…..¬† bootiful weather winds to make every one happy¬† ¬†those of you who missed today extravaganza¬† tusk tusk we didn’t miss you because it was full on¬† look at the Admiral MK2 s pictures¬† says it all…….¬† Today’s exception to his usual position Mudflats RON B¬† did not deviate from his chosen agenda which was to secure the holy of the holy ‘est position at the pond my spot he did this with stealth¬† ¬†cunning and pond luck¬† who cares who won the race for the day¬† on our end it was mudflats¬† first second Kermit third predator¬† well done you two very close races¬† ¬†those of you who may have felt the bumper from my boat today may I say sincerely say¬† karzinga¬† No that’s not right¬† it should be…… why were you in my way¬† ¬†To comply with the THE new admirals request I will close to allow others to come on line…………………¬† yea I bet¬† ¬†WATCH THIS EMPTY SPACE¬†

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        You were robbed yet again Kermit!! Pull yer socks up lad yer slippin‚Äô ūüėČ

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      I see that Paul has his DF65 #159 up for sale on Facebook due to loosing interest, guess the RC sailing fad didn’t last very long for him!!

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      Great work Mike. Scoresheet looks dandy and the pics showed the rest of the story.


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      THANK YOU MY ADMIRAL for those sterling words of encouragement¬† although your solution for improvement is a bit worrying maybe its a nautical thing but for the life of me I cant see why ” pulling my socks up ” will improve¬† my sailing but your the boss maybe elastic bands around the top will work¬† i’ll give it a go…….¬† always grateful for expert advice

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