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      A very tight day of close racing by the record number of skippers enjoying the near perfect 6-8 knot NW breeze made for fantastic sailing @ da Duck today.

      Great to see our numbers growing at a steady rate month by month and as befitting our little group, though it got a little tight at times  everyone stayed calm and in good humour.

      Great to see Pete #27 back on the water punting Plain Jane around after a few weeks absence. A main sheet failure forced a sudden rig change before he even got into the water. Despite running the B rig and missing the first two races he still managed a very respectable mid fleet finish overall.

      The purple people eater must have had indigestion after pantsing the lot of us last week as Trouty (DF65 #11) found trouble everywhere he went. No doubt the PPE will have its appetite back by next week so look out!!

      Ron #164 was back mixing it up with the other two DF65′ today and is catching on to da Duck pretty fast. With a new A+ Rig in construction, next weeks race day will see a big improvement in his boat speed.

      The third DF65 today was our Ricky #92. Once he got into his groove he upstaged all the 95’s with an outright victory in race five and a second place in the last race of the day.

      Mike #96, in between media shoots had Abigail in cruise mode, enjoying the perfect conditions we were blessed with today. Check out Mikes videos of Races #3 & #4 at the bottom of this post.

      Stuart #58 was a token target boat today as many skippers by accident or bad judgement managed to score a bulls eye on his poor boat. Adding insult to injury poor Stuart then got stranded on buoy #2 in the midst of an ugly raft up just after the start of the last race. Don’t miss Kermit’s cracking video at the bottom of this post. All the action and drama captured for posterity!

      Despite all this our Stuart still managed to win the day by two points clear from the Admiral.

      Bloody Geoff #79 was back to his baddest today with many a friendly encounter to his credit. Along with two outright victories in races four and seven he was the prime candidate for the prestigious white cane award which he easily won today.

      Our Justin #61 was back with his leopard skin boat today. Justin enjoyed his sail as always but today in cruise mode he managed a handful of good podiums finishing eighth overall in what was a very competitive fleet.

      “Ice Man” Ben #165, was back sailing after an extended absence and quickly showed he has lost none of his touch. Claiming outright victory in race 6 helped the Ice Man put his stamp on fifth place overall for the day.

      Phil T #261 had the red terror wound up and looking dangerous with a first place in race three followed by a second in race four. Unfortunately things got pretty pear shaped after that which pinned him back to sixth overall for the day.

      The Admiral #72 had a patchy day today, his victories in races two and eight helped to propel his overall score to second after countback from Don. The many close tacking duels today made it more than satisfying though.

      Kermit #82 the flippant amphibian wasn’t to be denied his coveted spot today. Sadly, his unique circle work has brought him to the attention of race committee yet again. Fortunately he was let off with a caution, because he is such a good bloke.

      Don #99 stepped up the pace today and kept everyone honest with unerring consistency and good humour. The unflappable one once more proved NOT fiddling is a winning strategy. His three fifths, three seconds and a last race victory put him into third place overall after countback.

      After ten races with two drops the final results were;

      Kermit on 93 points, Ron on 87, Trouty on 62, Mike on 53, Ricky in 51, Justin on 47, Pete on 39, Phil T on 37, Ben on 35, Geoff on 35, Don on 27, Col on 27 and our winner today Stuart on 25 points.

      Special thank you to Neil for being our scorer, to Tristan for some amazing photography and Mike for 2 stunning videos, races 3 & 4.

      Congratulations on some good close sailing  and for being a part of making today another fantastic day @ da Duck. Again!

      Next Tuesday it’s the turn of the DF65 Pocket Rockets, can’t wait!

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        That’s a cracking video Kermit ….. you have gone to the next level there my man!!

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      Yet another great day of racing at the duck brilliantly recorded and reported. Thanks guys.

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