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      Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 25/02/2020

      With just a week and a half before the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta, dftasmania.com the Merry Men of Puddleduck were today readying themselves and their charges for the event.

      An information sharing session preceded racing where the finer points of tactical sailing and observance of basic rules were discussed.

      With racing underway we then put those ideas into practice. Gerald our PRO today paid close attention and many paid the price for their indiscretions under his stern direction, albeit in all good humour.

      Our newest member Ron #96 borrowed Mikes’ DF95 and showed the older hands a clean pair of heels on many occasions throughout the day.

      Mike #64 took many videos with his brand new 4K camera over the course of the first three races before joining in the sailing and pulling good results.

      Kermit also loaned his second boat to Graeme¬† #82 to sail today. Graeme had a prior commitment and so couldn’t stay for the whole program.

      Kermit was his usual demure self even though edged out of his coveted last place by Mike. Putting on a brave face he managed to hide his disappointment with a second place in the last race of the day.

      Great to see Phil #02 back with a Tx in his hands. Though unfamiliar with Geralds’ loaner boat he still managed a second in race 2 and a first class win in race four.

      Dave #48 was always in the thick of it, collecting the odd spangle along the way for his trouble. Despite his slow start Dave came home with a win in the last race of the day.

      After a number of days away allegedly working on raising his brownie points total, our Don #99 once more returned to do battle @ da Duck. With his total nearly full now we look forward to many more race days with the unflappable one.

      Ricky #92 was again looking dangerous with two second places in races three and four. Everyone had difficulties with shifting breezes and windless holes but our Ricky made an art form of it.

      Justin #61 was back to do battle with the old guys again and really started well toward that goal. A string of four consecutive eighth places though put paid to that ambition, mainly through struggling as we all did with the Duck “wherethehellsthebreezenow” Luck.

      A pretty ordinary day for the Admiral #23. Some great battles with Pinkie and a handful of podiums were about all he could manage today.

      Sailing as if in another race entirely from the rest of the fleet Pete #78 was impossible to catch or keep up with. Two first places in races one and two followed by a string of three thirds wrapped up a masterly display of consistency and good decision making. Congratulations on a well deserved win to Pete on being our top dog today.

      After seven races with one drop the final points were:

      Graeme on 65 points, Mike on 48, Kermit on 41, Dave on 36, Don on 34, Justin on 32, Ricky on 30, Phil on 23, Col on 22, Ron on 21 (DF95) and our winner today Pete on just 15 points.

      Thanks to Gerald for PRO, scoring and being growly when required. Thanks also to Mike for pics and vids and thanks for everyone for making the day so fun and entertaining. Words by Col.

      Next Tuesday we are holding a working Bee to clear a few patches of weed prior to the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta being on the following Saturday. dftasmania.com

      The terminator will be activated again so those who can come a little early (9 am) and help with dragging the weed out will be very much appreciated. Bring ropes, waders if you have them and some good humour too (mandatory).

      As well as supplying awesome prizes our wonderful hosts at Puddleduck will also be filling the pond up to capacity for the Saturday races so that we can enjoy the best possible conditions on the day. Aren’t they wonderful?



      Here are the videos from today, shot with the new Sony 4K video camera. I was going to upload in 4K but evidently it takes around 2 days for YouTube to process it so this is just using a different codec to what I normally render videos with.

      Please let me know if you can see any difference on your normal viewing device.¬† If there is a improvement I will keep using this, if not I’ll go back to the old Codec as its faster and makes smaller files.

      Race 1


      Race 2


      Race 3


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      Worked well for me Mike.

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      Fabulous quality video Mike. Loving that!

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      What did I end up on col ya missed my name out lol

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        Oops, sorry Justin. 32 points put you in sixth place. Have edited it.

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      I was a bit rusty today not much practice in the last few weeks

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      What a fickle wind we faced today. Duck luck once again assisted some of us and nobbled others. All handled in great humour. What a great place to sail and a great group of sailors.

      Great report and superb videos. Tuesdays are rippers!

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      Ok, after a busy afternoon all 3 videos are finished & posted & the revised score-sheet has been added to the original post.

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