RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 26/01/2021


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      Australia Day and our team were out clearing lots of weed from our favourite sailing venue.
      To Pete, Don, Trout, Ron, Kermit, Shorty, Ricky, Stuart, Geoff and John M, thank you for a great job clearing weed this morning. Still lots of the floating stuff left from the terminators work but one good breeze should blow that to shore.

      Two races were sailed after but it was a lottery as to how much floating weed you did or did not pick up.
      Good result all round.
      Have a great ‘Straya day everyone, see you next week.

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      GENTLEMEN AND CAPT PETE   once again I have to remind those that once through the finish line not to re-enter the field either go straight to the jetty or stay away from the finish line  OR SO HELP ME GOD  i will tell the admiral  ohh wait he did it to  ….buggar

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        Ooops …… don’t mention the “line”!!🤨

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      SORRY about the quality of the video I’m using my back up the other camera is going into the shop  as for the admirals  ‘line ” i refer to the finish /start imaginary line we cross    when you have passed through the line when you finish stay down from the line unless you wish to get out of the water in which case you go along the shore line to the jetty  ta heaps

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