RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 26/11/2019


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      Boat packed, forecast good……… time to go sailing!

      Today the Pocket Rockets were in their element, sailing brilliantly in the playful light to moderate SW to Southerly breezes.

      The highly amusing wind shifts (Duck Luck) kept all eight skippers busy and on their toes throughout the day. The often baffling shifts provided enough close racing, rapid lead changes and tight finishes to keep everyone highly entertained.

      Great to see Ben #73 sailing with his newly made Mylar sails for the very first time. By the speed they were generating it won’t be long before our newest member puts his stamp on the pointy end of the fleet.

      Kermit #82 showed his true colours for the first time today by winning races 3, 7 and 9. Despite his wild protests and claims on last position we now know for sure that he secretly wants to win!! With all credibility in shreds our favourite amphibian was sailing like a Frog possessed!!

      A real kangaroo day for our Don #99. The unflappable one had some great podium finishes but unfortunately followed these up with too many mid fleet placings.

      Likewise our Geoff #80 showed great spark in coming from behind to claim victory in race 8 and a second and a third in races 1 & 4 but was constantly foxed by the wildly shifting breeze in the upper half of the course.

      Graham #52 quietly went about destroying the fleet today with his RG65. With conditions perfect for his boat he sailed very well, scoring consistent podium finishes throughout the day.

      Ricky #92 had a good day at the office too winning the first race and a second in both races 3 & 4. Many close and exciting finishes was Rickys lot and he made the most of it scoring a well deserved third overall for today.

      With three outright victories and the lowest overall raw points it looked like it was going to be another day for the big ‘G’ Gerald #02.Despite sailing brilliantly our favourite clubman was nipped in the bud by 1 point after the drops were made.

      After a slow start Col #23 got his mojo working by race 4 and strung together two fourths, a third, three seconds and a first before coffee time was called. Despite being one point shy of the Big ‘G’ he was able to deduct two points more than him to take the day by the slimmest of margins.

      After nine races with two drops the final points were:

      Ben on 28 points, Kermit on 23, Don on 21, Geoff on 21 (countback), Graeme on 20, Ricky on 16, Gerald on 15 and our winner today Col on 14 points.

      Without any of our regular PRO/scorers, all skippers took a turn at being PRO and once again it worked out very well.

      Congratulations on a great days sailing and thank you all for joining in and making it so much fun.

      Pics by Kermit, words by Col and fun by everyone. Next week it’s time again for the Greyhounds of the Dragon fleet, the mighty DF95s.

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      Sorry I couldn’t make it this week fellas I had a doctors appointment will be back next week  for the 95s

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      Sorry you couldn’t be there too mate.

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      Score sheet now up, Correct Weight declared.

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      Thanks Mike!

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      WHAT IS IT  that makes newbe’s  want the best position at the end of the day  First set of newbes was the brothers both wanting my position  when I finally kicked them out I now have big bad Ben to contend with but the little threat….. ( sorry  )….talk I had with him has resolved the issue (or it had better )    so to the day we sadly missed dear ol Pete   (pinky ) NOT  narh that’s not true  I never missed him   then there was predator  my coach because of his absence I won three races god I missed his pre race prep talks  where was bulldog today several meets with no bulldog  my running mate   the banks of the pond miss you  and to the others that missed another corker day  HA  you lose  To no wind to a perfect unpredictable  wind kept us all winning the lead only to lose it on another leg  from flighty to where the hell are ya that was the breeze which made the day interesting  I said last week look out for the silent one  an today he wasn’t silent Graeme  4th  outstanding always there nippin in an out  of the lead boats….  nice  …..the masseur (RICKY)  the out back king returned to show that not only can he fly rc planes but he dabbles in the yachts as well  and is sort of alright at the game …..Don and Geoff still at it  come on you fellas  one of yas make a brake show who’s the best  UNCLE G  “the man”  from the rear starts…….. to brilliant sailing through the field  this young fella is a gem to watch no matter how much he is penalised  but still the one to beat ( with a hammer )  joke  is the admiral god damn he’s good he’s there he’s not there but he wins an wins   so ends our day with coffee and earl grey tea

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      Thanks Kermit, I can’t remember the last time I was called a “young fella”


      Nice job on the photo’s

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      An addendum to yesterday’s post. I forgot to add Grant’s (Captain Pugwash) brief appearance sailing his Phoenix on the pond. My apologies Captain. Thank you Kermit for loaning him the Duck Hunter for some races and making him feel welcome.

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