RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 26.2.19

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      We have had many great close sailing days at Puddleduck in the past and today’s races could easily be counted among them.

      Despite some recalcitrant weed the fleet was as evenly matched as you could hope for. Winds from the South made setting the course  more tricky than usual but it resulted in the windward buoy being closer to the skippers area. Much easier to avoid infringements which our ever watchful PRO for the day Stuart didn’t miss either!

      With some helpful advice and tweaking from Mike, our mean green machine man Kermit #82 showed flashes of real speed and competitiveness over the series of races. Lots of stick time will have him a constant challenger up the pointy end very soon.

      Another disappointing day for Pink Bits skipper Pete #78. New V6 and Tx gear had the champ worried as the boat wouldn’t respond due to lack of rudder servo ‘throw’. A quick adjustment on the Tx and Pinky was flying again, pulling in its best result for the day on the last race.

      A very mixed day for Tony #32. Despite winning race 4 convincingly, his other results dragged our man back to a mid-field result overall.

      Mike #64 was sailing well though he devoted much time to helping others tune and gain confidence in their boats throughout the day.

      Don #99 always looked fast and threatening and despite winning race 3, wasn’t able to translate that through to his other results.

      The tightest of the tight contests today was between Gerald #02 and Col #23.



      Tallying up the results gave identical points to both, so a count back was called for.

      Each had scored 2 firsts, 1 second, 1 third and two fourths. The last score finally broke the tie with Col scoring an eighth in the third race and Gerald a fifth in the fourth race. They don’t get any closer than that.

      Outstanding sail today by our winner Geoff #80 who demonstrated great skill and consistency to easily take the chocolates.

      With his worse score being a fifth for the last race of the day it was great to have our man back in the winners circle.

      After seven races with one drop, the final scores were:

      Kermit on 35 points. Pete on 32, Tony on 30, Mike on 29, Don on 26, Col on 15, Gerald on 15 and Geoff on 13 points.

      Many thanks to our PRO Stuart who did an excellent job of taming the rabble.

      Mike who gave his time and knowledge to helping others improve and for being our time keeper and photographer.



      A Saturday morning sail at the Duck is planned to work on race craft and settings for those who wish to come along. Tuesday the 5th of March will be DF65’s again and our last chance to practice before the Championships on the following weekend.

      Entries are coming in now so get yours in to me ASAP. Fees collected on the Saturday morning.

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      The reason the duck hunter wasn’t performing well today was intimidation    yes …the quite little frogie was intimidated by two of the most respected yacht captains     One a great white bait fisherman and the other one likes Pink    ol pinki threatened to silence me if I sailed today an the great white bait catcher threatened to rip my widdle legs off   That my fellow yacht ‘y  mates  is the pressure I was under today if you doubt me look at the calendar for today’s sailing  BUT  now that its out in the open  I feel sure they wont try this dasterly  approach again     IT saddens me greatly to convey this to you all as they both know I’m the greatest bestest yachty at the pond and they fear me  because of it   but as a forgiving frogie I will allow them and others to win a few races  every now an then  …….          KERMIT LA FROG

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      It was not an easy day at the Duck – the wind was from most directions. The Pink Bits was certainly slow and difficult to control during the early races.  The more simple Tx controls on my old version 5 hull seemed a lot more user friendly. Thanks to Mike and Col I now have way better steerage on the V6 and the A+ rig in much better tune.  Thank you guys. This sort of support makes sailing at the Duck pretty special.

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      Yes, for me it’s the team spirit as well the sailing that makes it special.

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