RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 26.3.19

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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 26.3.19

      Despite the doom and gloom forecast, Puddleduck turned on another good sailing day featuring A+ winds for most of the time.

      8 skippers fronted the starting line and except for a last race loss of control for Gerald #02, it stayed that way all day.

      Whilst the direction it would come from changed constantly we were able to get a mostly windward leg breeze for all races.

      Good to see Greg #02B (aka Bones) join us from across the ditch though we were slightly disappointed he didn’t bring his killer DF65 with him this time. Bones has been creating quite a stir among his home town Ballarat sailors with a set of black stealth Icarex sails he has forgotten about. 🙄

      Secrets safe with us Bones!


      With a hard fought second place in the last race our Kermit #82 redeemed his otherwise disappointing day up until then. Look forward to seeing the green machine up the pointy end again soon.

      Great also to see John #62 beating brother Mike #64 to the line in race three. John is getting a handle on the technique and improving with every meet.

      Apart from a second and third our Geoff #80 found himself mostly mid fleet in the results despite good boat speed and solid sailing.

      Col#23 too had a pretty ordinary day despite a first in races 2 & 6. A switch to a new Black Icarex B Rig after coffee was a gamble that didn’t come off. Instead of strengthening the breeze lightened leaving him with an overall fourth result.

      Gerald #02 sailed solidly all day and was unlucky to lose control in the last race, relegating him back to third overall in what became an extremely tight contest for podium positions.


      Dominating in many races and proving that consistency is a key was our Mike #64. After two firsts and a handful of podium finishes Mike was a hot contender for overall top spot.

      Despite Mikes Red Hot go, today it was our own Pink Bits pilot Pete #78 who led and won  with good boat speed, superior strategy and excellent reading of the constantly shifting wind. Claiming three first, two seconds and the rest thirds put the Pink Bits in an unassailable position by day’s end. Congratulations Pete, well done.

      After 10 races and two drops, the final results were:

      John on 54 points, Bones on 48, Kermit on 45, Geoff on 32, Col on 27, Gerald on 24, Mike on 21 and our winner today Pete on just 15 points.

      Congratulations and thank you everyone for another enjoyable day @ the Duck.


      A reminder that DF65’s are raced for every Tuesday EXCEPT for the last Tuesday in each month that is now set aside for DF95’s.

      All Pics courtesy of Mike @ Viper Racing Tas.

      More pics from today may be found here

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