RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 27.06.’19

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      With just two degrees on the outside thermometer you could be forgiven for thinking we needed an icebreaker more than an DF65 at the pond this morning. However with the sun shining for the entire session and only momentary lapses in the mild Northerly breezes, Puddleduck once again showed it’s true colours by turning on a fantastic day for the Merry Men + one.

      We were delighted to have the presence of Sue Cooksey this morning, sailor and partner to Graeme.

      Sue took on PRO duties today and quickly mastered the scoring system to play a very positive part in the day’s races.

      Today saw a brand new boat in the water skippered by Justin #61. The stock A sails that came with his new V6 looked very well set and drew well however unfortunately he was quickly overpowered by the larger A+ sails on the rest of the fleet.

      I am reliably informed this imbalance is very soon to be corrected.

      With the tourist season now in off mode it was great to see tour operator John #62 back with us mixing it up again.

      The combination of black boat and sails looked stunning on the pond.

      Paul #59 ,(brother to Justin #61) sailed well recording a second place in the final race of the day. This is his all time personal best so far and it will no doubt ratchet up the fierce rivalry between these two already. Watch this space.

      The Duck Hunter, aka Kermit laFrog joined us again today to stake his claim on the wildlife.

      Unfortunately they and the fleet avoided his tireless onslaught, all escaping without damage.

      Graeme #52 was always a threat at the pointy end, unfortunately the bouys kept ducking the wrong side of his quick RG as he went to pass them. This had a detrimental effect on forward progress. Spec savers? Just a thought.

      Don #99 managed to avoid the fountain today though he still holds the record for most mountings. Despite this the unflappable one scored well earlier with a first place in the second race followed by a second in the following one. Duck luck then put paid to any further ambitions with his discovery of many before unknown windless dead spots.

      Ricky #05 brought his Mt Gay 30 along this week and once more showed us what a downwind weapon it is.

      A second in Race four and a win in the final race of the day proved beyond doubt that in these conditions, it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

      Two sailors next finished on even points for the day. Gerald #02 and Col #23. Both sailed good tactical races and it was always tight between them at the finish line. On count back Gerald had one more first place than Col and so took second place for the day.

      Fresh on his return to better health our Pete #78 today showed he hasn’t lost his touch despite his recent absence.

      Recording two firsts and two thirds on his way to victory, Pinky was unstoppable and well deserving as today’s overall winner.

      After 8 races with one drop, the final points were:

      Justin on 50 points, John on 45, Paul on 43, Kermit on 33, Graeme on 31, Don on 30, Ricky on 24, Col on 16, Gerald on 16 and our winner today Pete on just 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone on another great day out at Puddleduck Vineyard Pond.

      Special thanks to Sue for PROing today and I look forward to racing with you all next week featuring DF95’s.

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      Another ripper day at the Duck. Thank you to all.

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      Looks like another fun day was had by all. Sorry I couldn’t be there today.

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