RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 27/08/‘19


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      Once again Puddleduck did not disappoint and the eleven skippers who showed up ready to race did not either.

      Throughout the morning we had a brief fountain stranding, some broken gear and though the gusts were brisk some times the racing was red hot all the time.

      As expected the breeze blew 10 – 14 knots from the NW, swinging occasionally to the West. The gusts were stronger though short lived.

      Some new folk and some old mates came along today to join in and it was terrific to see.  Old mate Dave was back on his pins after his big op and just as cheeky as ever. Greg (Bones) #02b suddenly popped up for a sail today and didn’t believe us that the fountain had right of way. That didn’t end well, though the evil metal monster took pity and let him go shortly thereafter.

      Phil Jackman came back this week for another look and took over the PRO’s duties for most of the session. Dennis Lees came along for a look also. Both men I believe will be sailing with us regularly soon.

      Paul #59 had his ‘65 here again today and despite starting early, the power difference between the tiger cub and the hunting pack of ‘95’s was disheartening. Paul wisely pulled out after four races to wait for a more level playing field next week.

      Kermit #82 got knocked off his regular spot today, giving it up most unwillingly to our Ricky #05. Ricky’s Mounted Gay boat didn’t fancy the gusty conditions today at all. Time to buy a greyhound mate.

      Young gun Justin #61 gave his new ‘95 a run today and by the last race seemed to be getting her sorted.

      Don #99 at times sailed very competitively however the jib boom tiedown parting company with the boat during the last race wasn’t helpful.

      Mike #96 yo-yo’d his way through today with wildly different scores. His first place in the last race plus two seconds and a third completely wiped out by too many back-of-the-fleet finishes.

      Gerald #02a took sandbagging to a new level today, managing to trash his four first place victories with a swag of eighths and ninths. Stewards are investigating.

      Gerald, Don and Col swapped their A’s for B’s before race five …… and then the wind died. 🙄

      Today we saw Geoff #79 back to his regular good form with a consistent run of high placed finishes. A victory in race five along with three thirds and two fourths put him in third place overall.

      Col #72 was consistent all day with a couple of welcome victories, seconds and fourths. The chance to a smaller rig didn’t pay off today.

      Stuart #58 did not win a single race today however his consistency in gaining three second, three third and a fourth places were enough to get him over the line and thus he is our overall winner today.

      After nine races with two drops the final points were:

      Paul (retired), Ricky on 53 points, Kermit on 49, Justin on 40, Greg on 36, Don on 32, Mike on 31, Gerald on 25, Geoff on 23, Col on 20 and our winner this week Stuart on 19 points

      Congratulation all on another great day at da Duck.

      Pics by Mike, words by Col, fun by everyone.

      More pics of the day here….

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      Col, don’t forget to edit the scores in as you missed them.

      Hopefully next outing for the 95’s Abigail will perform far better, today towards the end of the day I think I finally got the tuning right.

      All in all another great day only marred by the very lazy & cold wind.

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      Was it cold  you bet your sweet bippy it was  I had a mental battle with my bladder for the last two races  that combined with a win for my mind just (incidentally that was my only win )  looking into the depth of the porcelain I was shocked to find that I was so close to being a woman …………where once two hands were required for my manhood now required two fingers   Now that’s cold .  So good to see big bad Dave at the pond today for those that dont’ know Dave had an operation on his lungs  both were removed  and reversed because only one side worked  and to top it off he had his toe nails clipped .  The admiral long tall has done yet another Stirling account of today’s sailing  so I will press on   with the word for today             and that is Redemption………….Redemption for the “girls” that failed to appear for  LAST Tuesday’s  sailing for fear of the cold  their participation of today’s meet showed the admiral you want to return to the fold  and thus he has rescinded the title  “GIRLS “and has returned your manhood and the title  SAILOR OF THE POND  back to you  however I heard that Ricky favours the girl title  one can only wonder about a fella that sails a MountA gay boat  and is doing his best to dislodge the raining champion  tail end Charley kermit la frog  who has steadfastly repelled others  who have covertly eyed this position     MOVE ON MISS RICKY    today was to have been the keenly awaited news from the admiral  on how to remove the ganging up on the buoys/ girls  but alas it didn’t it happen   we can only wonder what it could be  if you wish to make guess  put it on this site an win a rub down from Miss Ricky  WE who don’ t like the PROs job  thank phil for your service today .  Nice to meet a man not like his nick name” BONES ”   and young Dennis hopefully you new bees will be regulars  but don’t go for my spot  I bite    fantastic day ay

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      Oops, got hauled away mid report for an emergency up North and missed the all important scores but will add them in tomorrow when we get back home.

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        Ok back now and report amended as above.


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      Great report and photos guys.  Nearly as good as being there!!

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      yea we missed you to ol  pinky  you would have been jumping up an down on the spot not through racing but with the cold.      I had predator sitting down next to me so I positioned myself so he was the wind barrier   he he he    because he’s such a big boy I never felt a puff of wind all day

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        Careful there Mr Frog, you are digging a very big hole, could end up being your grave !!

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      IF I had known you stay up this late  I would not have told pinky  about the great wall  opps damn another hole   if i keep going i will be digging a trench ay

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      One order of frogs legs …. coming up!

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      NOW NOW ADMIRAL   lets not overreact   in my own way I said sorry to the great wall  (did I just dig another hole ) damn I think I did so lets ease up on the frog tucka  a mite an let the wind die down  an that’s not another pun…………  aww buggar yes it was     sorry

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      An apology of sorts……..  Through a misunderstanding in my few words to Pete  I indicated to him that I used  my bestest mate as a wind barrier and in fact I certainly did  but in saying this my ol mate I beleave misinterpreted the words  I quote “because hes such a big boy ” in those few words is the misunderstanding …..I believe  the specific word would be  ” big ”  in the context of the message” big” was used to convey  a solid well constructed individual that was the implied meaning  any thing other than that is conjecture I have absolutely no idea why those words would cause my mate to express caution to the extent that I could be digging holes  (probably in the pond wall perhaps ) I hope this explanation to dear ol Predator clarifies  this  possible incident to wrongful interpretation   BUT why did the admiral come into the conversation and order frogs legs pray tell  this forum isn’t a restaurant so I can only conclude  that” humour ” was tried to alleviate a possible grievance  so in that context  I thank you  Admiral Long Tall  KERMIT LA FROG   PS . I used the word ol mate   not to be confused with age   (its a term of endearment )

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