RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 27/10/2020


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      With the breeze topping out at 5-7 knots from the South East, da Duck tasting rooms and over-water seating area unfortunately blocked much of that fickle breeze before it even reached the fleet.

      Nine DF65’s and two RG’s turned out to do battle in the very challenging conditions which at times caused much angst and frustration for everyone.

      Of the two RG65 @ da Duck today,  Graeme (#52) did slightly better in the fickle conditions which didn’t favour his high aspect sails. Graeme’s second in race three was his best for the day.

      Ricky’s (# 92) just completed RG did well despite being it’s first time in the water. Ricky was using a standard DF65 A rig to power his new charge and will no doubt turn that custom hull into a weapon with a new set of sails very soon.

      In the true spirit of support of new skippers to our fleet our Pete loaned Ross (#178) his spare boat to get some experience and have fun until the Australia Post delivery he has been sweating on eventually turns up. Ross had some good starts and showed consistency today. He obviously was enjoying himself too, being  overhead saying how much fun the 65’s were to sail. No argument there Ross. Look out for good things in the future from this new skipper!

      Kermit (#82) also showed good club spirit by loaning the green machine to new skipper John for a few races whilst he shot some video footage. Sadly, it was only through Mike’s many DNS’s that our froggy friend missed his favoured last place by one point today. No good deed goes unpunished!

      Mike (# 64) has oft told us of his remarkable winch servo that has run flawlessly for 18 months. Today it went pear shaped after just one race, giving up the ghost and forcing Mike into early retirement. It wasn’t all bad news for the Merry Men though as without a boat Mike devoted his considerable skills to recording images of races two and three.

      Great to see Iceman Ben (# 73) back with us and at the pointy end once more. Despite missing many sailing days through being inconvenienced by employment, Iceman claimed third spot overall with a first, second and third to close out the days racing.

      A good day out for Don (#99) today. The unflappable one’s great run home of a fourth, two seconds and an outright victory earnt him a well deserved fourth overall for the day.

      The Admiral (#23) came out of the blocks in the first two races with a third and first respectively, however a sudden onset of white cane myopia came shortly after, dashing any further chances of fame and glory. Some unkind individuals hinted at an early onset of Bloody Geoff syndrome too. Outrageous!!

      Pete (#78) also came out of the blocks at speed, claiming a second and a fourth in the first two races. Despite a massive handicap and the difficult sailing conditions, our Pete still managed a very commendable fifth overall today.

      Uncle G (#02) was back and punting the yellow terror about the pond again today making great decisions and sailing well. Our favourite Uncle grabbed two consecutive first place victories in races five and six putting well on the path to second overall.

      With an astounding three firsts, three seconds, a third and a fourth, Trouty was unstoppable today. The purple people eater became a permanent fixture at the pointy end and only weed held him back long enough for someone else to win! For a truly great sail Trouty you are our overall winner today, congratulations!


      After eight races with two drops the final points were:

      Mike on 67 points, Kermit on 54, Ross on 53, Ricky on 40, Graeme on 31, Admiral on 25, Pete on 23, Don on 22, Ben on 19, Gerald on 15 and our winner today Trouty on just 9 points.

      Congratulations on great sailing everyone, thank you for making it another fantastic day out @ da Duck.

      Special thank you to our scorer Sue and her most able timekeeper/ observer Neil also to our two talented Media men, Mike and Kermit for creating the memories we now have of our day.

      Words by the Admiral, fun by everyone.

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      It was certainly a tough day at the Duck. Frustration was the name of the game. Today’s winner Trouty dominated all day – the rest of us have some work to do.

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      All the “experts” who claimed the purple boat was a dud from the North are now eating their words.

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      Thought I better find out what was wrong with my DF65 “Illusion” after the sail winch stopped working half way through Race 1 last Tuesday.

      The sail winch (although showing no signs of water ingress) has finally died after 7 years.Not a bad run I suppose!!

      My original V2 DF65 “Smoke’n’Mirrors” was delivered on 24th September 2013 and that same original sailwinch has been used in 3 replacement hulls since then. The winch did have a rest for a couple of years while I was using a HiSpeed Digital Arm Winch in Smoke’n’Mirrors in the early years (RG65 classification – not DF65) but other than that it has performed flawlessly for all those years. Just shows what decent waterproofing does when sailing in salt water.

      The motor still functions fine but the control board has no output. Time for the bin.

      The replacement is a metal geared Digital sailwinch (from Kyle) which was purchased for the DF95 but never installed as the original one in that is still working also. Guess I will need to get another spare now, just in case.


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