RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 28.05.’19


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      Despite the gloomy forecast of strong winds, freezing temperatures and possible hail, Puddleduck once again surprised and delighted the seven DF65 skippers who came anyway with good A+ winds, mild temps and no rain. In fact it was even got sunny at times.

      Whilst many of our regulars were unable to make it, we had three new skippers at the ‘Duck today who all had a ball punting their craft around the course.

      The occasional gusts kept everyone on their toes. In race seven new skipper Justin #59 had a wild jibe during one particularly strong blow and broke a boom fitting.

      His wasn’t the only breakage however as both Kermit #82 and Ron #43 experienced outages at different times throughout the day also.

      Graham #52 brought mate Richard along and shared some races with him. As a big boat sailor he was surprised at how exhausting yet fun it can be to race a 65cm RC boat.

      Don #99 was a weapon today and sailed like there was no tomorrow. With two wins, four thirds a second and a fourth he was a force to be reckoned with at all times.

      Also on two wins Gerald #02 remained a constant threat, ready to pounce instantly on any competitors mistake whilst sailing brilliantly all day

      No more bridesmaid result for Col #23 this week. Unable to crack the top step in recent meeting, Col’s two firsts and three seconds, a third and a fourth were enough to get him up there today.

      After Eight races with one drop the final results were:

      Ron on 44 points, Justin on 40, Kermit on 33, Graham/Richard on 22, Don on 16, Gerald on 15 and our winner today Col on 13 point.

      Thank you and congratulations everyone on an (unexpectedly) fantastic day @ the Duck.

      Next week is DF95’s, button at 10.

      See you there!

      Here are the pics from last weeks DF95 racing at the Duck

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      YES today wasn’t Pinkies day  although at one time Duck Hunter had gods craft in an iron lock  at the far point (near the fountain ) he did escape …… this is a pattern pinky has had with god for some time and he specificity asked for this manoeuvre to be performed  in his absence  it was great to see new targets opps  sailors on the pond I hope they weren’t scared off by  the antics of others to get to the winning post…..  racing past us and causing mayhem with their wake   doesn’t bother me as “I’m not interested in such trivial glory ” I’m in it for the pleasure of hunting down the ducks  but to be honest today’s  day was pinkies day so I couldn’t sail my way the winning way    I did notice predator wasn’t there today  I heard on the grape vine …..   get it…grape vine      that when he heard that I  was to be pinkie  he decided to   “not be there”   such is the fear pinkie has on the pond     as to the not up to standard for the duck hunter  this was caused by electrical problems / water in the hull and……  buggar can’t think of anything else   so as of this time duck hunter is on the hard  getting repaired   my congrats go to all the winners today  just beware pinkie will be back                 PS   did ya get the pun : grape vine…  winery  puddle duck  anyone ?

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