RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 28/06/2022

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      The Puddleduck dam looked fairly calm when we were launching boats just before ten o’clock. The forecast had promised more and it did not let us down. As the morning proceeded a gusty Westerly strengthened. Dave Poon was the only one to choose a B-rig. A B-rig would have been handy at times in the late races but for the most of it the A was a comfortable handful. DF95’s love flat water and a strong breeze so sailing was fast and fun this morning.

      There were ten starters today which I think is a good fleet for a cold winter’s day with some holidaying in warmer climates.

      Avoiding other boats proved a good tactic today. Several times a boat came from behind to overtake a raft-up of other boats.

      It was good to see Dave Wooley (Sheep) gain a share of the podium today with two second place finishes and fifth overall. Don McLeod’s sail away victory in race 10 was also very noteworthy. Well sailed!

      First place today was tied on points, and shared by the Phil’s – Jackman and Turnbull, with Phil Jackman getting the nod on count-back. I thought that Trout had burnt his chips early this morning by winning the first three races on the trot and earning himself a 30 sec handicap penalty. It shows genuine class to be able to sail into race placings from a big handicap.


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      Thanks for the writeup you weren’t going to do Shorty. It was an interesting day on the water for sure.

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