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      Today was a good test of the conditions we are likely to experience on Saturday 4th March for the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta. Namely, it was a light and shifty North Easterly tending to oscillate more Northerly. It’s patchy nature made it sometimes frustrating and difficult to gain clear air.

      Today was also an opportunity to see what racing looked like from the other bank. The shallow nature of that side of the pond meant bringing your boat close to shore was never going to end well though. Despite this, we sailed two races and gained a pretty good idea of how it will be to sail there on Saturday.

      Curiosity thus satisfied, we then trouped back around to our regular spot and picked up racing from there.

      Due to the interrupted nature of running the races plus starting a bit later than normal only five races were completed today.

      Great to see my little mate Kermit #82 back at the pond again, looking dapper and full of cheek just as I always remember him.

      Poonie #81 came out of the blocks today well, beating Bruce (sailing Sheep’s boat), Bloody Geoff and the Admiral home by a good margin in the process. Staying out of trouble and sailing faster every week now is definitely working for him.

      Speaking of trouble, Bloody Geoff #80 after easily winning last time out our mate had some pretty ordinary results this time. Rumour has it he is keeping his powder dry for next Saturdays regatta, lulling us all into a false sense of security, that sort of thing…. Canny fellow.

      Gadget #61 showed good consistency for all races and placed fourth overall in the DF65 only class. Looking summery and fit our Ron is sailing well and consistent in the lead up to Saturdays Regatta.

      A good sailor who couldn’t quite get his mojo working was the Smiling Assassin #32. Part of this was down to trusting his novice sailor brother to win his races for him. Lots of good natured ribbing followed when he did really well!

      It was a very casual kind of day, lots of sharing and caring amongst our fine mob and their visitors. Cookie #52 certainly was part of that also sharing sailing time on the yellow greyhound with our Sheep who otherwise volunteered as Sue’s observer for most of the morning.

      Good thing too as the close finishes at times were epic!

      Bruce #37 is about to become master and commander of the Sheepsters craft. Today he came along to get a feel for the boat and the pond and he did very well, sailing into fourth place for the last race of the morning.

      Unfortunately other commitments will prevent his racing with us this Saturday but we look forward to sailing with him again thereafter.

      The Admiral #23 was a bit distracted today and didn’t handle the shifty conditions all that well. A second and a third was his best.

      Bodge #06 was everywhere today, mostly up at the pointy end though. An outright win for the last race of the day set him up for a well deserved third in the DF65 only class today.

      After winning race two, then a second in race three Scrooge RG#08 had the Jammy Dodger running hot today. Little surprise his taking out the overall combined and RG only win today. Well done.

      We had two of our own Tassy champions with us today @ da Duck. I speak of course about Mattie Gray #49 and Lisa Blackwood #35. Always a pleasure to sail with these fine folks and today was no exception. No surprise as to their excellent sailing results this morning as they both are in another league when it comes to sailing a race course.

      Today it was Lisa’s turn to take the win in DF65 only results and a second in combined. Lisa shared an identical score to Stuart (Combined) after drops as both skippers had a first, two seconds and a fifth. Only one single result finally separated them. Stuart’s seventh and Lisa’s DNF in race two.

      Second overall in the DF only results and third (in combined) showed why Mattie #49 is consistently on the winners podium in whatever class he is sailing.

      Big thank you to Sue for being our scorer, Gadget for tallying results and Admiral for publishing them.

      A few of our mates couldn’t be here today and were missed. The Unflappable One with family commitments, Fab with a touch of gastro and Jammy also committed elsewhere. Looking forward to your return when it’s again possible guys.

      The Peter Smith Memorial Regatta notes.

      Today the temporary jetty was constructed for us by the Puddleduck Vineyard staff. It is quite solid and should serve us well. The ideal sailing spot over there is next to the trees and to this end some height will be trimmed off the top of the rushes currently residing there. This is to allow the more vertically challenged of our mob to see where their boats might happen to be straying.

      A short working bee is scheduled for this Friday morning at 10am to erect the Regatta tent and feather flags plus trim the rushes. Following this task a bit of a sail might just happen 😉


      We have been granted permission to park in the workers car park, also on the grassed area adjacent to this. However, it is VERY important that we not block the access road to the Winery with our cars. Toilet facilities will also be provided in the winery and a mud map will be provided to navigate there should it be required.

      Registration for the Regatta opens at 9am and will accept registrations up to 9.30am.

      Registration is $20 cash only, please bring the correct denomination as no change will be available. This fee includes eligibility to race, lunch plus endless tea and coffee in the Regatta tent. This is not an ARYA ranking event so measurement of sails and weights will only taken at the PRO’s discretion.

      Briefing will be at 9.45am by our PRO Lisa Blackwood. Racing shall commence then at 10am with a lunch break to be called at the PRO’s discretion. No races will be commenced after 3pm whereupon all skippers are asked to retire to the dining room where speeches and prizes will be given and refreshments can be taken.

      No matter who wins or what happens I know it’s going to be lots of fun and great fellowship for everyone attending.

      See you there!

      Admiral (Ret)

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      Hey now wait a mini     I got 51 an then 43   how come I’m not the winner  I got the biggest score  by far    an who gave the admiral a big  ol kissie ay

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        Oh Kermie, what am I going to do with you?

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      give me kiss back an we’ll call it quits…………………………..just sayn

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      Another great write up Admiral, pity I wasn’t quick enough with my camera when Kermit pursed his lips and smacked one on the side of you cheek …. Damm 😂

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        Yes Bodge, thanks for bringing that up. 🙄

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      Could not make sailing today, family over from mainland until end of next week and will not be able to sail in Smith’s Championship.  All the best for a successful event.

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