RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 29-06-2021

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      DF95 Racing today @ the Duck

      Information kindly supplied by the Admiral

      6 x DF95’s

      1 x IOM #196 (Admiral)

      1 x DF65 #no number (David) does not show up in the scoring.

      Cool temps and hot racing in a perfect winters day.

      Excellent breezes out of N/E shifting to N as the morning progressed.

      Phil was best DF95 on the day but racing was very close among all participants throughout the morning.

      Admiral brought the Royal Barge (IOM #196) for a bit of a play and tune up.

      David brought his DF65 along for a bit of practice.

      Excellent day out.



      From the supplied scoresheet I’m not sure if handicaps were applied today or not.

      First Place on 23 points was #196 Col – IOM (well fancy that), Second Place on 26 points  was #261 Phil T – DF95, Third place on 30 points(on count back) was #58 Stuart – DF95 closely followed by #37 Trouty – DF95 , also on 30 points.

      Both Stuart & Trouty had 2 x 1st place, 1 x 2nd place, 1 x 3rd place then Stuart had a 4th while Trouty had a 5th.


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      WELL I GUESS A FEW MORE like this from the cooks assistant an he may regain his rank

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      The Admiral began with a minute handicap, ending with 1m 30sec. Both Phil, Trouty and Stuart ended the day with 20 second handicaps. Fabulous sailing in perfect conditions and enjoyed by all.

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        Either your numbers are incorrect or there was a lot of skulduggery going on with the handicaps.

        I just redid the score sheet with handicaps based on the supplied results & they are vastly different from above.

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      Most likely that has occurred because there was awarded a 10 seconds time penalty for first place and 5 for second due to the small number of competitors.

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        Gee, changing the rules again, anyone would think I had a Crystal Ball.

        Just as well we are all friends & not racing for Sheep Stations.

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      Can’t make it too easy for you! 😉

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      QUESTION    how much is the sheep station

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