RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 29/09/2020


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      Anatidaephobia: (Anna-tita-phobia): The fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you….ohhh and yes, today one was!

      Three metres tall with beady eyes that never stopped watching ….. Scary!!


      Apparently this fear inspiring monster is now to be a constant presence @ da Duck. Rumour has it the ducks got sick of being chased around by toy yachts and have now hired some serious muscle to extract payback!!

      Despite the hightened risk of Anatidaephobia, the Merry Men nonetheless faced light Northerlies caressing the waters’ surface and temperatures warm enough to start discarding a few layers. As twelve happy skippers lined up for the first race at 10am … the bloody wind stopped 🙄

      The pattern of wind/no wind/wind from all different directions at once, though typical for this time of year was nonetheless very challenging for everyone today.

      Graeme #52 (RG65) suffered badly with his  high aspect rig in the light and fickle conditions. When the wind does get up though his RG65 becomes a weapon.

      New guy Ross #178 joined us today sailing Pete’s older boat “Black Betty”. Considering he is completely new to the game he did very well. Welcome to the fleet Ross.

      Our ‘little bit less’ than new Ron C #164 got underway well by gaining a second place finish in the first race of the day. Considering  the quality of the fleet this was a very good effort. Unfortunately his joy was short lived through being sidelined with electrical problems after just two more races.

      Don #99 aimed for consistency today and got it spot on. The unflappable one had a string of good podium or close to podium finishes in all races that placed him third overall for the day. He also confided that for a change he followed his own advice and didn’t fiddle with the settings. Good man!

      Another of our Merry Men who also managed to achieve good consistent results today was our Ricky #92. Always a constant presence at the pointy end Ricky claims fourth overall for the day.

      The Admiral wishes he had left his boat alone last week as the reassembly following teardown to find the source of a hull leak didn’t go to plan and left him with settings that did not work at all. That and coming down with a terminal case of ‘BGS’ (Bloody Geoff Syndrome) didn’t help either.

      Speaking of which, Bloody Geoff #80 after collecting someone else’s spectacles from the optometrist yesterday, set an all time new record for collisions and raft ups this morning.

      Like the legend he is though, Bloody Geoff saved the best to last when he hooked up the Admiral just prior to the last race of the day beginning.

      In better news, the Bloody Geoff foundation for homeless, blind, seeing eye dogs and broken white canes is now taking donations. Also the rightful owner of the spectacles would like them back please.

      Phil #32 was another to have a quiet day. The smiling assassin claimed a fourth in each of races three and six as his best for the day, finishing up sixth overall.

      Old mate Dave #48 again joined us for a punt around the pond. He also fine tuned his hands free boat control technique for the last three races. In this he was ably assisted though the expertise and technical advice of a local amphibian.

      As well as freely sharing his expertise, our favourite mascot and all round good guy Kermit #82 was especially happy having secured his favoured last spot again. His great camerawork graces today’s report too, thanks mate.

      A special feature of today’s races was the intense competition at the very top end. Two contenders slugging it out to the finish with fantastic tactical sailing and brilliant moves.

      Both skippers finishing on equal points, both equally deserving to be top dog when of course only one can. I’m talking about the super close finishes of the fastest men today, Justin #61 and Pete #78. Both with three firsts in a short six race day.

      On countback, Justin’s second and two thirds looked untouchable but no, Pete had a fourth and two seconds ….. by the skinniest of margins Pete took out the honours, winning the day.

      After six races with no drops, the final points were:

      Kermit on 62 points, Ross on 62, Ron C on 58, Geoff on 51, Graeme on 48, Dave on 44, Phil on 40, Col on 33, Ricky on 28, Don on 22, Justin on 11 and our winner today (just) was Pete on 11 points (countback).

      Thank you everyone for coming along and sharing a fantastic day with your mates.

      It’s what we do.

      Special thanks to Sue for scoring and Neil for timekeeping. He was joined by visitor Gerry in observer duties for Sue also and thank you to Kermit for your pictorial record of the day.

      Words by the Admiral, fun unavoidable.

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      Looks like another enjoyable day by all, some great shots there Mr Kermit, no soft focus in use today eh?

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      It was a great day at the Duck, but the wind was quite tricky. As usual Duck Luck was a factor and is better to have than boat speed!!

      Thanks to all for a ripper day.

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