RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 29th October 2019 (DF65)

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      Well it sure was an interesting day @ The Duck today, with winds across most of Tas in excess of 50 knots & temperatures above 26 deg it made for some interesting sailing.

      Both Gerald & Geoff ended on 13 points after 2 drops but on countback Geoff had the highest number of 1st places.

      So results were

      Geoff 1st on 13

      Gerald 2nd on 13

      Don 3rd on 19

      SS Riggo with Justin at the helm just surviving a gust

      The 7 hardy DF65 skippers that fronted for today’s racing all opted to remove their A+ rigs and instead run with the standard A rigs instead.

      “Colarado Cool-Aid” is under there somewhere

      RonB started with a B rig but later upgraded to an A while Gerald started with an A then downgraded to a brand new B for the last couple of races.

      A total of 9 races were sailed but there were a couple of drop outs in the last 3 as the winds increased.

      Today’s pics & video are courtesy of Kermit who alternated between sailing duties & camera work by co opting Justin to share the sailing of #82.

      Gerald streaking to the lead (as he does)

      With Kermit placing 5th overall thanks to Justin’s efforts it is unlikely that the mighty frog will allow Justin anywhere near his #82 in the future. As we all know Kermit highly covets the rear end of the fleet and to finish anywhere else is just not on.

      Don & Graeme finding the going a little tough

      Thanks to Sue from all the skippers for once again doing a fine job as PRO/Scorekeeper

      More pics from Kermit today can be found here

      Here are three of Kermit’s videos from today’s event.

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      Lol thank you to Kermit for letting me use his boat today

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      Certainly looks like a wild one @ da Duck today. Congratulations to Geoff on the win and thanks to Sue for PRO and scoring. What a great little group we have!

      Thanks to Mike and Kermit for story, pics and video.

      Should be back @ da Duck next week.


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      Videos are sure better looking  than pictures aren’t they  dear ol pred has had his work out getting that lot together    I will try to improve  Geoff is the top dog  an so well deserved  with Uncle G  pushing an Don just not  able to push uncle g out  but by the pond gods  the sailors to day were exceptional   no one found the fountain  no one ran aground  an no funnies   lots of sorry s though  but if you wanted to play today sorry was  the word   an wot got into my mate bulldog today  sailing like there was a lit fire cracker in his nickers  an as for that  newbe Justin  he did in fact get whacked on the head for getting  5 place when the results were revealed  bad boy . Grahame was another speed demon nothin  stops this kid from his objective as was shown in the video  “awesome”   Although slightly windy the sun was shining  humour was abound  and ohhhhh’ s were heard as far away as Richmond…. Cruise ship passengers by the buss load were in awe of the sailing   as many remarked  on their tour  of the puddle duck winery  and we were in awe of the chicky babes from that ship as well ……..well some of us  were   but none of them could match our score keeper SUE

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      The scoresheet & kermits 3 videos & pics have now been added to the report

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