RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 30-03-2021

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      It was the DF65’s today @ the Duck. As often is the case the winds were all over the place today but it made for interesting racing.

      Kermit spent most of the day on Videographer duties so I assisted in sailing a few races for him (my boat was out of action today).

      Ricky dropped most races today with a flat transmitter battery but everyone else went incident free.

      First Place today went to Trouty on 18 points, Second Place to Pete (on count-back) 22 points & Third Place to Gerald on 22 points.

      I’m sure Kermit will add the videos later today.

      After recently noticing some issues with scoring that seemed to be disadvantaging some skippers, DNS/DNF scores will NO LONGER be valid deductions when calculating drops but they will be counted in your final score. This seems a much fairer way of calculating drops.

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      A couple of nice videos there Mr Kermit, you would have to be happy with that eh!

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      I agree Kermit, nice video’s and a good choice of races to start with, makes that 02 look good!

      But I do miss the soft focus.


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      Very clear videos Kermit, the new camera is great. Unfortunately you have passed the capabilities of my computer. How long does a 8 min video take to up load to  YT at that definition?

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        TUGBOAT SIR   8 mins of video  to U TUBE   maybe 15   I recon   or  25 min  mine at 15 MIN takes yesterday 1 hour BUT in reality could be 2hrs because you first have to save it to the computer then send it to utube  so 2hrs  looooong time

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      Thanks for a great day of sailing. I look forward to watching the videos once I sort out my issues with Telstra.

      Just hope you got the action at buoy 2 when I managed to hit Gerald 3 times!! Kermit that $50 you gave me was well spent!!

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        capt pete         WHAAAAT you didn’t buy hose tucka with it  good god boy an yes the last video has it

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          Thank you!!

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