RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 30/06/2020


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      Like the box of chocolates, you just never know what you are going to get @ da Duck.

      After the big rains last week the Duck was overflowing with fresh watery goodness and 10 keen skippers were busting to get out on it.

      Whilst all that rain meant no weed, it also dangerously covered up the fountain leaving a single thin tube to catch the unwary skipper.

      And catch him it did. Our Geoff #79 couldn’t wait to get involved and by race two had  mounted that sucker in great style to the accompaniment of much ribbing and laughter.

      Kermit #82 met his match today with Uncle G wielding the pen. After sailing brilliantly to the pointy end, his now familiar reluctance to cross the finish line was T boned in a swift and brilliant move by the G. Kermit knew he’d been beaten and reluctantly accepted his rightful score and penalty time.

      Speaking of whom, we once more missed sharing the pond with Big G #02 due to some faulty batteries in his fancy Tx that unfortunately saw him retire before the first race had even begun. We did however benefit from his excellent scorer/PRO work for the morning.

      Great to see our Pete #27 punting Plain Jane about the pond again. Despite missing the first three races he racked up an impressive two thirds and a second for the remainder placing him seventh overall for the morning.

      Talk about a good sailor out of luck! Teething problems plagued Phil J’s new 65 #11 right from the start as a number of previous unknown setup issues with the second hand yacht marred its maiden voyage. Despite this, Phil’s last race battle with Ricky #92 was right down to the wire.

      In this race the two 65’s had sailed away from the bigger, faster 95’s by a good margin and the battle to the finish line was epic and well worth the price of admission.

      Our Ricky though was up to the task and in great form, winning the final race (just) and claiming fourth spot overall for the day.

      Despite his own spectacular airbrush work, our Justin #61 couldn’t get his new 95 going well today. Justin like a few other Merry Men will be competing in the upcoming George Fish Memorial races (11th & 12th July) so I expect quite a bit of setup work will now be underway to make her sail as good as she looks.

      Abigail #96 graced us with her presence today along with her ever present skipper Mike (lucky dog). Abigail was a tad overdressed for the occasion so Mike had her slip into something more comfortable by race two better suited to the light winds we enjoyed today. Mike also took some great 4K video of the day so looking forward to watching that.

      Our Don #99 had a fire in the belly and was sailing today like a man possessed. Although not winning a single race, the unflappable one revelled in the perfect conditions to rack up a consistent set of high finishes and a well deserved second place overall for the morning.

      With Phil T #261’s two firsts and a third in the first four races it looked like his was going to be the yardstick boat this time around. Sailing brilliantly but savaged by the handicapper after race four he fell behind for the last two, finishing with third overall for the day.

      The Admiral #72 took no prisoners today with five podium places in as many races. Giving the fleet 30 seconds for the last race proved to be a bridge too far however but by then the damage had already been done. With his new sails, paint job and big side order of duck luck the Admiral finished the day our clear winner.

      After six races and no drops the final results were:

      Mike on 47 points, Phil J on 47, Pete on 41, Justin on 37,  Geoff on 36, Kermit on 33, Ricky on 30, Phil T on 25, Don on 24 and our winner today Admiral Black Heart on 15 points.

      Here is a very short video that I compiled from footage donated by Jackie.

      Mike’s recording of Race 3 today.

      Big thank you to Gerald for scoring and keeping the scurvy rabble in line. Photo credits to Jackie, Justin and Mike.

      Congratulations everyone on another cracking day @ da Duck. Next week is DF65’s and remember if you wish to enter the annual George Fish Memorial DF95 races being held over the weekend of the 11th & 12th of July, get in contact with Kyle and put your entry in.

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      Another great day of close racing at the Duck. Thanks to all for making this possible.


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      Deafening silence here in the comments section??

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      Sorry about the stuff up with my Edit last night.

      The video of Race 3, extra pics & Correct Weight Score Sheet now added (yet again)

      For best viewing of the Race 3 HD video select 1018p 50 HD resolution by clicking on the settings cog on the RHS bottom of the viewing screen..

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        Thanks Mike the vid and additional pics look really great. 👍

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      Another great day.Nice vid Mike

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      Sorry admiral for not posting  iv been preoccupied with editing my videos  but there is nothing to add to the comments posted great story line brilliant videos the only comment worthy of writing is that UNCLE G should not be allowed to score again one has to pass the winning line in order to be scored but he over stepped his authority in assuming   that if a boat is near the line then that boat is perceived to have crossed the line  when in fact a power problem accrued stopping the boat from crossing that is the reason I put forward this protest   I hope you concur and adjust the score  thank you my ADMIRAL

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        Protest acknowledged and overruled. A quick whip around the chaps confirmed that in fact you got what you deserved in more ways than one. Apparently no one saw a thing. 😉

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