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      A perfect winters day greeted 10 skippers this morning for DF’s @ the Duck, ‘95 style.

      With the light Northerly breeze being quite fickle, a bit of random weed floating and our new permanent buoys in place it was time to get racing. Unfortunately for your scribe the buoy change meant also a change in routine. In the process I managed to leave behind some fairly unimportant bits n pieces like my Tx 🙄

      Great to see our Geoff # 79 back with us again. Geoff lost no time in reacquainting his ‘95 with the rest of the fleet in an up close and personal way.

      Justin brought along his new boat and did very well with it straight out of the box. His steady improvement throughout the day saw him bag a second place finish in race five.

      Brother Paul hasn’t received his new ‘95 yet so he brought his pocket rocket tiger along instead. At times he managed to surprised everyone with its speed in the fluky conditions. Roll on next Tuesday!

      From a pretty ordinary start to today’s racing, Kermit #82 worked hard to overcome some  persistent electrical issues and turned his fortunes around by race seven where he managed a podium finish.

      In complete contrast to the first time Ricky #05 sailed his Mt Gay30 with us. This time around his best of a second place came only after a string of sixes and sevens.

      Mike #96 had good boat speed today but was unable to translate that into podium finishes. Mikes best also was a second after a series of mid fleet results.

      Don #99 sprang out of the box early recording some great results. Sailing fast and clean the unflappable one easily placed second in race four and then a first in the following. Unlucky not to have finished higher overall though, Don took fourth for the day.

      Gerald #02 came out strong early on in the peace but slowly drifted back in placings as the day progressed. With a first and three seconds he did not go down without a fight.

      And what a fight it was. After the initial Tx blond moment, Col #72 followed that with ramming the fountain at top speed and numerous other boat entanglements. Despite these setbacks he still managing to finish on equal points with Gerald. Col’s one extra first place finish decided the outcome giving him second for the day.

      Also returning to health and in great form our Pete #27 strung together four first places in a masterly display of skill and strategy. He was not to be denied victory today finishing 8 points clear of the the fleet. Congratulations Pete.

      After 8 races with one drop the final scores were.

      Paul on 62 points, Kermit on 49, Ricky on 41, Justin on 39, Mike on 38, Geoff on 26, Don on 25, Gerald on 23, Col on 23 (countback) and our winner today Pete on 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone on making our day @ the Duck fun and enjoyable.

      Next week it’s time to race the pocket rockets and you can bet on it being hotly contested!

      See you there.


      Some more pics from today’s racing can be found here


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      Thanks for the report Col, another fine day of sailing enjoyed by all

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      The days are getting better every week so is the racing

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      YEP  IT WAS  a good day very cold    god it was cold   the new system of buoys worked well it was neat going to the top gate  in reverse of what used to happen  damn good fun   Ricky sailing his MOUNT A GAY boat  wasn’t really there today  so he decided to tag along in the rear with me  (such a nice fello )  no need to talk about the mighty team we now have at the pond  every race is now sooooo even   every one is a star   but what about geoff today he flew that 95 like it was an aeroplane  a joy to watch    an ya gotta hand it to Pete  like wow  this boy is scary   sorry didn’t mean to talk about any one in particular   but dear ol geoff was a stand out    buggar did it again    not much weed this time  an the tide is getting low again   I recon a small buoy is needed in front of the fountain ya just cant see the buggar  what do you recon    the buoy placement works very well  especially at hell’s corner  i think a new name is called for  for that one    perfect sailing was had by all

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      Ripper day at the Duck, but by golly it was cool early on.  Very close racing with many interesting buoy roundings. As usual Duck Luck played a key role is some of the races.  Thanks to all involved.

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      I’ve added some more pics from todays racing here

      (NOTE: this is the same link as can be found at the bottom of Col’s original post)

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