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      For a day that looked pretty uninviting, ‘da Duck turned on champagne sailing of the very finest vintage.

      From a slow start on a shortened course the breeze smartly shifted to the South and built to that A+ sweet spot of 8-9 knots.

      As there was still some moisture about, Nick made the verandah ready and for most of the races our crew raced from there.

      The course we finally settled upon was 4,3,2,1, repeat and finish. This worked well as we had the whole length of da Duck as a windward leg giving good opportunities for course choices.

      The Hobart Chinaman #81 showed a reversal of his recent good form today. Might be time for some more ‘secret sessions’ again soon David 😉

      After a good start the Quiet Achiever RG#52 thereafter ran into rig and battery problems. Despite a brand new set of RSS sails, Graeme was forced to retire for two of the eight races sailed today.

      Gadget #164 couldn’t get his ‘go go sailboat’ any higher than sixth today. Our beloved Gadget however has invented a feature-rich pair of new ‘go go race timers’ for both DF fleets sailed at Puddleduck. Each set includes two separate time programmes for either handicap or scratch starts and a special programmable handicap cutoff feature. Go go Gadget, thank you and well done Ron!!

      Great to see our unflappable Don #99 back on the pond this morning showing good consistency and lots of good humour as usual. Don opted for his Orange Icarex A+ rig today and used it well.

      Another who also sailed with his new A+ Blue Icarex rig was Fab #17. Showing good skills and consistent finishes, Phil got his chance in race six and walked away from the fleet for an outright victory. Fourth in the DF class today, well done!

      Good to have Bloody Geoff #80 back in form again. Despite his blistering starts and consistent finishes Bloody Geoff couldn’t resist rafting up for a chat occasionally. No mistaking his four podiums though, they were good sharp sailing from a seasoned competitor.

      Our Sheep #37 had a touch of the ‘roos today, finishing in wildly different places throughout the morning.  Second place finishes in races one and five wasn’t shabby by any means though and we hope David returns to his consistent best soon.

      Another skipper with a touch of the ‘roos was the Smiling Assassin #32. After a scheduling clash our Phil arrived late in the middle of our first painfully slow race. He quickly got up to speed with a second place finish in race three but thereafter languished  further back in the fleet.

      Right from the get-go our Scrooge RG#8 booked a permanent podium in all races bar four and six. Finishing with a handicap of 45 seconds Stuart could not be touched, was the clear winner overall and also in the RG class.

      Behind Scrooge a Battle Royal was being fought by Trout #11 and the Admiral #23, each scoring two first places. Trout claimed a second in race six however the Admirals’ four third finishes (mixed fleet results) got him over the line and clear by three points.

      The four year old Icarex sails on the Royal Yacht were replaced recently with some very subtle new creations which the Admiral used today to good effect.

      Congratulations everyone for coming out today to join in the fun. Thanks to Sue for scoring, Gadget for timing and neat stuff and Mike for keeping things tidy.

      Mixed Fleet Results

      DF65 Only Results

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      Another mighty fine report this week Admiral.

      Hopefully the weather will be warming soon & I shall return on a regular basis to the Duck.

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      Nice report Col. I thought that as the wind strengthened that the standard sails would do better than the lightweight Icarex, but the results really don’t show that!! Well done Col.

      I hope to be back the next 65 day at the Duck. Health is not quite right yet, but the biggest issue may be my transmitter. The one I use for the black hull is not working and I will have to have a crack at setting up the FS-I6 I recently purchased. Of course I bought a Mode 1 not a Mode 2.

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        Thanks Pete, looking forward to sailing with you again soon. Good luck with the transmitter. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
        The new Icarex sails performed well. The breeze never got above 9 knots so it was pretty optimal.

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        Hi Pete, it will be good to see you sailing again.

        It is quite easy to change the mode of the transmitter from mode 1 to mode 2.  I’m happy to help you with that if you like?



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        Great summary Colin, it was a fantastic day at the duck. Very happy with my new sails, thanks to you for them. Great job on the day and posting results. Cheers.

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          Thanks Fab, glad you like the new kit. You sailed well today, congrats on your well deserved results.

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          You sailed bloody well to mate, there was some close racing across the fleet in near perfect conditions.

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