RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2018 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 30.10.’18


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      A Light breeze with occasional small puffs greeted the nine DF65 skippers this morning, ready for another enjoyable day of gentlemanly racing. Nobody was left disappointed as the breezes built slightly and swung more Westerly throughout the day.

      A short race to sort out the starting handicap and then we were off and running once more.

      Great to see some new faces joining the merry men this morning. Mikes brother John dusted off his mothballed 65’ and got out on the water and amongst it. Some tuning tips from the bro’ and it all started coming back.

      Gerald also joined us and immediately made an impact with some impressive sailing, never falling lower than 4th at the finishing line and gaining second place overall for the day.

      Kermit has registered his boats now and was proudly sporting his new number 82. Showing good form he won the last race of the day to much excitement and celebration.

      Ron looks like retaining the running aground trophy again with an impressive 3 for the meet.

      A new motion has been passed insisting that Dave put the water his boat collects back into the pond so we can continue to have somewhere to sail on Tuesdays.

      A new pair of glasses is on the cards for Col who misjudged the same mark three races in a row.

      Geoff found it harder to get going this meeting but I wouldn’t count on that being the case again any time soon.

      Tony was unmissable with his bright orange sails. After getting them dialed in he was difficult to catch, scoring two first places in consecutive races.

      Mike unfortunately suffered winch servo failure during race three and was forced to retire.

      As our resident photographer, Mike as usual has shot some great photographs of the day, this time from the opposite bank.

      After 9 races with one drop the final scores were. Mike on 53 points, John on 52, Ron on 51, Kermit on 40, Tony on 28, Dave on 27, Geoff on 26, Gerald on 23 and Col on 22.

      Another happy day of great racing and friendly ribbing for the merry men. Next week is DF95 day, I hope to see you all there then.




      for more pics from the day click here

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