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      It looked like it was going to be a drifter when I arrived at Puddleduck Vineyard this morning and to ice the cake there appeared to be a lot of loose weed on the surface of the dam. But even as skippers started to arrive so too did the wind – a light Northerly – and upon launching our boats we found the dam to be reasonably weed free and so we knew that there would be good racing in store.

      Great to welcome Ron Cullen to the DF95 fold today – and congratulations on your retirement Ron. Ron struggled a bit at times today but more than showed his capabilities when he cleaned everyone up in race 6.

      I spent yesterday afternoon rigging my boat with a new A-rig and it definitely did seem to feel like I had more boat speed. But more boat speed doesn’t mean you don’t make silly mistakes. Consequently my day could be best described as ‘mixed’.

      I am sure that there seems to be a bit of an optical illusion associated with the position of the last buoy. So many of us seem to misjudge that mark and either go too wide or even on its wrong side. In one race Bodge, Trout and myself all managed simultaneously to go the wrong side, had to unwind to correct ourselves, and caused chaos while we did it.

      For the record Bodge texted me as I arrived home to ask me to disqualify him from the last race as he was in the wrong in a port starboard incident on the finish line. The race results have been now corrected. It actually did not effect the overall results but did give Geoff Matthews a well deserved win in the final race.

      The handicap sheet tells a story in that the largest handicap was a relatively small 30 seconds (Trout). This usually means that the winning was shared around. And it was close racing today and most skippers enjoyed some success or at least were well in the hunt at various times today.

      Third place today went to Jammy. It was Jammy’s last sail with us for a while as he is migrating to the warmer climate of Queensland for the winter. All the best Jammy.  I think that you will be hungry for a sail by the time that you get back.

      Second went to Trout with two race wins and two seconds in his 8-race tally.

      And today’s winner was Bodge. Even with the disqualification Bodge’s worst position was third after discards. Congratulations to all.

      Good racing today more than made up for the bitterly cold conditions. And I suppose that we should expect the cold as winter starts tomorrow. Anyway it made the hot chocolate and chat afterwards all the more warming.


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      Well written Shorty and thank you for the welcome.

      I look forward to many more DF95 days and improving my sailing skills with the bigger boat.

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