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      A perfect Duck day …. Light 5-7 knot breezes from NW, lots of sunlight to chase the chill away and a small fleet of skippers just happy to be there enjoying it.

      Bigger is better for Mike #64 as he gave his Mount Gay 30 a run today. Despite its large displacement and towering sail plan, Predator’s charge didn’t show much difference in speed over the lightweight nippy 65’s.

      A rumour that our Hobart Chinaman #81 has been secretly practicing on the pond  was confirmed and the big improvement he has made through his clandestine visits really showed. Well done today David.

      Peter S #38 is still in the throe’s of sorting the V2 and thus showed some mixed results throughout the morning. A sheet line coming off the winch drum in race one certainly didn’t help though.

      Phil W #17 is new and learning the tricks of Puddleduck and the nippy 65’s. Great to have you with the crew now Fab.

      Don #99 enjoyed his day out and showed good speed at times. The Unflappable One’s fountin’ mountin’ however was a classic. A sudden drop in wind speed at a crucial moment saw #99 bisect the monsters metal arms perfectly and all in slow motion.

      Retirement is certainly suiting our Ron #164. The ‘Rock’ landed not one but two first class victories in a row for races five and six and was never far from the front for the remainder.

      It was incredibly tight at the top end with a single point and score countbacks determining the final placings.

      In the DF only class, The Admiral #23 found himself in third place overall after a fairly satisfying range of results which included two victories. On exactly the same number of points, our Sheep #37 found the finish line first in three races and sailed really well for the rest. Often found further down the field, today he really showed skill and good judgement to land second overall.

      Just a single point separated Admiral and Sheep from our overall winner Phil T #32. The Smiling Assassin played the long game with consistent high place finishes then stormed home in the last race to claim a decisive double victory.

      Our Stuart #08 claimed the finish line first four times and a single second as the RG greyhound sliced its way through the field in the perfect breezes. Well sailed Stuart.

      Thanks to Ron for scoring and equipment, Mike for publishing and da Duck for turning on a really remarkable day for us to enjoy.

      We missed our regular skipper mates who couldn’t be with us today due to health and family priorities and we hope they will be back soon to keep us honest.

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      Good write up Col.  You really captured the day. 👍

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        Thanks Ron. Was a pleasure all round.

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        Great day, thanks for posting results. Can’t wait to get an A+ rig.

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          You won’t recognise your boat when you do. It’s like overdrive in your transmission.

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        Twas another fine day @ the Duck, very enjoyable.


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        Wobbly hat cam footage from Race 5 and Race 8:


        Race 8:

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