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      As advertised, Puddleduck once more turned on an cracking day for DF95’s.

      With the Nor Wester pumping through from 8 to 18 knots, (with local directional variations) the fleet of 11 boats saw plenty of close finishes and a good spread of first place line honours.

      Greg #02B aka ‘Bones’ was back with us again today but seemed to still be in holiday mode after his recent extended Qld break.

      Kermit #82 lost his favoured last place finish although his form to the first windward mark was sensational, just needing to practise now to get the other marks working as well.

      Great to see Paul #65’s new boat sailing for the first time looking good and sailing well. With plenty of boat speed and a fresh set of sails Paul snatched victory in race eight.

      Bit of a mixed day for our resident photographer and co-web master Mike #96. His good three second places for the day penalised by a lot of other mid to last place results.

      Winning the first race of the day Justin #61 looked to be the form boat today. Struggling to be consistent, as most of us were today, Justin’s second place in race seven couldn’t overcome the too many mid-fleet finishes that came before.

      Pete #27 had better days. When he wasn’t pulling weed off his keel or practicing fountin’ mountin’ he sailed with great skill and was unlucky not to gain a higher finishing result .

      Col #72 fell foul of the PRO for early starts and missed marks and Geoff #79 showed moments of good speed in the first and last races but just wasn’t able to duplicate his great form from last week. It was a tie and countback situation for both these  skippers who finished on the same points. Each won a single race so it took a countback of second places to decide .

      If that wasn’t close enough we also had a tie and countback for second and third places too.

      Don #99 and Stuart #58 both sailed brilliantly and clean to arrive with identical points. A countback revealed Don just in front with one extra first place finish

      With a string of three first places in his first three races Gerald #02A was back to his best form easily holding off the hard chasing pack.

      Congratulation Gerald on a good consistent days racing.

      After eleven races with two drops the final points were:

      Greg on 60 points, Kermit on 58, Paul on 58, Mike on 51, Justin on 47, Pete on 38, Col on 34, Geoff on 34, Stuart on 31, Don on 31, and our winner today Gerald on 28 points.

      PRO duties were shared among all attending skippers and this system worked very well for everyone.

      Not enough?

      Plenty of sailing this week with RBRYC hosting DF95’s at the the (partly) refilled dam tomorrow and the day after (Thursday 7th November) is IOM day @ da Duck.

      Pics by Kermit and Mike, words by Col and fun for everyone was guaranteed.

      Lots more pics from today here

      Kermit’s excellent video work will be added later in the week

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      BONES what are bones good for how about stews  that’s how it was today with this fly by night “bones “stealing the most sort after position  not  ON THE  PODIUM  I am stew’n this will not be repeated will it MR  BONES……moving on ..  twas an interesting flying day for pinki  ( Pete  ) in an effort to out race Stuart pinki decided to fly yes fly over the cascading water fountain and he almost did it ……. landing short the keel caught the fountain arm and stooped his flight………. what showmanship  gutsy move there by the pink speed devil  an lets not forget Mr speed  UNCLE G   outstanding performance which was acknowledge by the crew with a cry of hip hip arhhh f****k him   (that part didn’t happen )  PLO duties were given to all but next time those that wish to win please see me before I have the PLO Duty as bribery is frowned upon (so we will call it a gift )  ALL the skippers today were outstanding in the fierce conditions  thrust upon us  and so the banks of the dam were a callin  and some skippers answered the call much to their dismay  weed was the only answer they received  Ever tried pylon racing well Predator had a shot at it today  with an almost perfect run under the sun deck until the wind died and his sails became erect thus traping him under the platform we wait in anticipation for this enterprising young fella s next adventure ALL in all just another day doin our thing

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      Final results are up and its going to be controversial I’m sure so till you all have a comment we will say the results are still provisional – pending protest.

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      THANK YOU MR PREDATOR    yes    i wish to make a formal protest against bones  his boat is too slow and I would like to request an inquiry into

      how this fly by night’r was allowed to compete with a defunct vessel ”  its just not on”  by saying i’v just got back from Queensland ” oh hum”  and I haven’t had time to polish it   Not good enough  one needs to earn this coveted position  and he did not   I request he be formally denied the last position and in turn  I be reinstated to that position  RESPECTFULLY ………  KERMIT LA FROG

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      As the tally(er) for today I must confess to feeling guilty at starting the racing today a few minutes early. It was my fault for not checking that everyone was on the water first and so the fault was mine and not Pete’s so I don’t think it’s right that he is penalised. I probably compounded this mistake by giving him an average score for that race also.

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      FINE  NOW do i get my spot back

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      My fellow sailors, the results seem to be the focus and not the amount of fun we had yesterday sailing in the typical ‘Duck conditions. In the interest of harmony I will return my silver medal and accept that a skipper who missed one race, was on the fountain for most of another race, and had to have a re-start/re-launch in another race as he was caught in the weeds behind the starting line is unlikely to get a podium finish in our fleet. However I had a great time racing yesterday and hope that all other skippers did too. It is hard to leave the ‘Duck without a smile on your face.

      As to Kermit’s issue – suck it up pal, you are sailing fast and making good decisions. Your spot is very much at risk.

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        I do agree Pete, the sailing is the fun bit, where you finish (to most) is irrelevant.

        That said however, as we do score races and there is a system in place it needs to be used correctly or not at all.

        Bragging rights for the last race only seems to be the system used by the IOM skippers @ The Duck and at the Canal and that works fine but they do operate with a handicap system that carries over.

        Anyway, with the exception perhaps of Kermit, everyone left happy and that’s what its all about.


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        Well said Pete.

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      I WILL WAIT FOR THE OFFICIAL REPLY to my protest  an then and only then shall i  ” SUCK IT UP  ” but thank you Pete for your observations  i will try to correct the good decisions

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      Story and scoring now adjusted.

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      Race 2


      Race 3


      Race 4


      Race 7

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      Well done Kermit!

      Not only did you sail well, but also a great photographer!

      If you hadn’t sat out of all those races taking these great videos you would have finished well up the list.

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        don’t thank me predator did the editing an all the rest he’s the boy you need to thank as for the races …never happen drinkin coffee with the elite isn’t my cup of tea …..(.earl grey )

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          Actually Kermie, with a real video camera there was very little editing required this week , you are becoming quite the consummate videographer.

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      GOD DAMN I like that word ” consummate”  is that like you go up to a chicky babe an ask can we consummate  a quickie

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        Only if you are very very good!!

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