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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 5.2.19

      It was a day of high attrition among the happy Skippers at Puddleduck pond today.

      Of the 10 starters just 6 managed to complete all 11 races with many DNF’s sprinkled throughout the fleet.

      Sailing a shortened course because of the sharp increase in weed growth from last week, almost every skipper except the early retirees earned a podium position at one point or other throughout the series of races today.

      Dave W #48 sailed very competitively all day and was starting to worry the leaders in the closing stages just before he left for a medical appointment with 2 races to go.

      Electrical issues seemed the order of the day and leading that charge was our own Kermit la Frog #82. A stuttering winch brought the green machine ashore and an unexpected face plant resulted in a cracked nose piece for it as well.

      Tony #32 left us after winning race 5 citing prior commitments and John #62, despite looking very smart unfortunately left us early too.

      Three of our regulars who are familiar with the pointy end of the fleet all ended up on the wrong side of the ledger this week. Geoff #80 showed great form at times winning races 6 & 11 but languished at the back of the pack too often. Despite winning race 8, Mike #64 spent the majority of the day mid fleet whilst Col #23, who won two races was instead plagued with faulty rig problems all day and spent a lot of time sitting out races just trying to solve them. Pete #78, another of our regular top performers also couldn’t quite get his mojo working either. Despite placing well during most races and even winning two of them, the weed found Pinky too often, managing third place overall.

      Today’s only win for “Illusion” #64


      With just a single point separating them, both Don #99 and Gerald #02 sailed mighty races all day. It was a battle Royale with both skippers barely a position apart for the entire meet. Apart from the last race, Don never got further back in the field than 4th and for Gerald, a 5th. Congratulations to you both.

      After 11 races with two drops the final results were:

      Geoff on 39 points, Mike on 32, Col on 31, Pete on 30, Don on 26 and our winner today Gerald on 25 points.

      Congratulations everyone on another great day’s sailing at the Duck.

      Great to see Ron at the pond today. His boat(s) are all in bits awaiting parts so wasn’t sailing with us today but he came for coffee anyway.

      All photography credits to Mike and Viper Racing Tasmania.



      Tomorrow is DF95’s @ Risdon Brook Dam and next week they are the boat of choice @ the Duck once more. See you there!

      “A bad day @ the Duck is still better than a good day somewhere else!”

      More pics from today here

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      Nice job Kermit.  How about a few words on how you fixed the nose?

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      Good job Kermit, might be a little heavy in the nose now! 😧

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      HOW DID I fix the duck hunters nose  after lifting the rubber nose protector  the fracture was a clear brake   so i shaped a piece of light thin ply  with two string lines  as two gives a better even pull   water proof adhesive  silicone was applied to the outer wood plug then inserted an pulled evenly to seal the gap   then super glue with mix of baking powder to bond and fill,,,, sand down and finish with body filla  to get the shape back   over all not much material was used  so I don’t think  there will be a weight problem      if I’m wrong  I will rename her  Pb  hunter ……………..Pb symbol for lead   so there ya go not only a fix it lesson  but a lesson on the elements of the periodic table sorted by symbol  hoo rah

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      Thanks Kermit.  Very educational, and to think that I have only used duct tape.  Of course my version 5 still leaks!!

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