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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 8.1.19

      A glorious summer day dawned for the first of the Puddleduck races (2019) today with just the lightest of SE breeze. Before racing began it had shifted to NNE and freshened just a tad. Perfect!

      With 10 skippers and their boats in attendance the start and first mark buoys were busy all day. Penalties are on the honour system until we get a permanent PRO and so far it has worked well. Keep up the good work everyone.

      It was great to see our friends Richard (#43) and Cliff (#68)from STRYC come along today and as the score-sheet shows they accounted very well for themselves on the (new to them), Puddleduck course.




      There were some new colours out today including a shocking pink one from Ron (#71), a pretty blue A+ suite of Dave C (#21) and Midnight Black from Col (#23).

      Dave C is still getting used to this sailing gig and Ron was unlucky not to score better. Despite flashes of brilliance by both Dave W (#48) and Kermit (#82), they both could not get the consistency needed to score higher in the order.

      Relative newcomer to DF65 Sailing, Don (#99) put together some consistent results and sailed well all day.

      Despite competing with a standard A rig against a whole fleet of A+’s, Richard (#43) sailed skilfully to gain a second, two thirds and two sixths. This placed him in the middle of the fleet results for the day.

      Our resident Video man, start sequence operator, website Admin and RC Toys founder Mike (#64) took two races out of the program to film the fleet from the rear deck of his newly completed, highly modified, 10R yacht, BattleAxe. This boat is a joy to behold as it glided about the pond filming the races. Mike was awarded average points for the two races he missed and he still managed to come in Fifth overall.

      “Pink Bits” aka Pete (#78) became increasing evident at the front of the field as the day wore on. Unfortunately his uncharacteristic slow start cost him a podium place this time.

      Col (#23) had a mixed day of a first, three seconds, a DNF and some late gear failure. Despite this and testing a new sailcloth material he managed a third place overall on the day.

      New to the merry men at Puddleduck, Cliff (#68) sailed well at the pointy end all day, picking his way through an unfamiliar course with skill and dexterity. In the end just one point separated first from second.

      Despite some strong and spirited competition, today belonged to our very own Geoff (#80).  He not only sailed skill fully , he demonstrated that mandatory skill, consistency, to win the day well.

      After eight races with two drops the final points tally was:

      Dave C (#21) on 46 points, Ron (#71) on 45, Kermit (#82) on 41, Dave W (#48) on 31, Don (#99) on 30, Richard (#43) on 26, Mike (#64) on 25, Pete (#78) on 20, Col (#23) on 14, Cliff (#68) on 11 and Geoff (#80) the winner of the day on just 10 points.

      Congratulations everyone on a great day’s racing in near perfect conditions.

      Next week we are racing DF95’s where we should return to the full compliment of happy skippers at Puddleduck Vineyard.

      Big thank you to Predator Racing for our video record of the day. Be sure to use your login when connecting to rctoystasmania.com to read the sailing report and watch the videos, this way you can add your voice by leaving a comment and/or suggestion in any of the many topics in the forum.

      Some video of Races 4 & 5 from onboard BattleAxe (a refurbished 1983 Frank Russell designed Panda 10R)

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      A great day at the Duck.  Thanks to all involved.

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      Enjoyed the round table ‘apres racing’ coffee session too!

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      Video is now up for your viewing pleasure


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      Oh that is great footage Pred. Well done.

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      I wouldn’ t like to be hit with that  battle axe ….although the way the green machine was performing  maybe a hit is what she needed    thanks for the video pred  always well done

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