RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2023 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing DF65 14/03/2023

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      A magnificent day at “The Duck” today with 12 sailors in attendance.  We had light winds from the north, which is perfect for “round the lot” with buoys to port.

      Sometimes the “light winds” were a bit too light and we did have bouts of not much happening, but we managed to get in seven races before adjourning to comforts of Puddleduck.

      It was great to see the return of sailors who have been otherwise occupied these last few weeks and a special mention to Pete Morrow who decided to dust off “Pink Bit’s” for a spin around the dam after such a long time.  Pete showed that he still knows his way around with an outright win in race 6 and landing just outside the podium in the DF65 class. Well done Pete and we hope to see more of you.

      The top three places were only separated by three points with Jammy in third, Admiral in second and Lisa in first position. Congratulations to our podium places.

      Lisa did well for first position considering she had a DNS for race one while swapping out a flat battery.


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      Well Don a great result.

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        Lisa, I’m not sure if you know but I think you left your chair at Puddleduck. I noticed that it was placed under the entry decking where we normally keep the boat retrieval pole. You could swing by and collect your chair or next time you attend.


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      Great day at the Duck. Thanks to all.

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      Was a lovely day out with the ‘duckers for sure. Good effort getting in seven races in those light conditions and good write up too Gadget 👍

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      Picked up a teal coloured Kathmandu jumper after races yesterday.  Thought it was Graeme Cooksey’s, but not.  Contact me if it belongs to you – it does not fit me.

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      I will pick it up on Tuesday March 28, when we next sail the 65’s. Thanks.

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