RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2023 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing DF65/RG65 18/7/2023


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      Puddleduck Sailing – RG/DF65s 18.07.23

      WOW 😊 close racing was the order of the day at the β€œDuck”.

      Thirteen skippers were greeted with blues skies, sunshine, and moderate NW breeze of about 5 knots. It soon clouded over and became quite chilly, blustery with a light sprinkle of rain towards the end of the day. A+ rigs were unanimous with all skippers and whilst slightly over-powered at times, no rig changes took place or were required.

      There were the usual windward mark collisions, bumps and being stuck in irons etc but thankfully there were no major catastrophes. A quick mention of Admiral who successfully launched his boat up onto the fountain, but to the disappoint of all the skippers it came off just as quick as it went up.

      Bodge did provide some entertainment (can’t believe I am typing this 😊), as he was reading out the handicaps his boat decided to wander over to the far side of the pond getting caught on the shallow bank. Being restricted in height and the pole being too short (or vice versa 😊) he struggled for what seem like eternity to finally free his boat from the duck mud, much to the amusement and cheers of fellow skippers.

      In the combined fleet Stuart easily took out the honours on 13 pts with 3 x 1st places, 1 x second, and 2 x forth places with his RG65, well sailed young Scrooge. 2nd place thru to 9th place was only separated by 6 points! Lisa scaped into 2nd place on 25 pts, with Bodge taking 3rd place on 26 pts. To all the other skippers, well done, as the sailing was extremely competitive.

      In the DF65 only class, results were just as close, with Switch taking the honours on 19 pts, Smiling Assassin second on 22 pts with a tie for third place between Flash, Bodge and Fab all on 23 pts, with Flash taking 3rd place on countback. Great sailing everyone.

      Andrew T had a difficult day but should be commended in finishing every race and managing a well-deserved 4th place in R8.

      Thank you again to Sue and Bonnie for scoring, and Ron for providing the electronics and paperwork.

      Overall, it was another entertaining and enjoyable morning with the usual banter during sailing and over a hot beverage. Thank you again to Puddleduck staff for making us feel so welcome.

      See you all next time,






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      Great write up again Bodge. Thank you for your literary skills πŸ‘

      I had a great laugh when reading about The Admiral’s fountain mounting as I missed that excitment from standing too far away from the action! 🀣🀣🀣

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        Just a quickie this time Gadget. I’ve already (tried to) forgedaboudit. πŸ™„

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      Thanks for the report Bodge, it was indeed a mixed day out @ da duck but despite this the racing was always enjoyable and close.

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      Keep an eye out in Forum as I will make a seperate post regarding staying back for lunch at PD

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