RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2024 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing DF65/RG65 26/3/2024

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      Puddleduck Sailing – RG/DF65s  26/3/2024

      I am unsure as to what the forecast for today was, but we received 4 seasons all in the first race, cold SW wind squalls, rain, sunshine, it was all happening… none of us saw it coming.

      Even before race 1 got under way we nearly had a boat catastrophe when Andrew’s boat started sinking just beside the jetty. (someone who shall remain nameless 😊forgot to put the battery hatch cover on 😊) Quick thinking, Andrew managed to sail the submarine back to the jetty , grabbed the top of the mast before it disappeared into the murky depths of the duck pond. What was even more remarkable, that after the hull was emptied, Andrew managed to finish all the races finishing 9th out of 11 skippers, nice work, the result could have been so much different.

      Today was the first day we used the new start line options which I think worked well. We opted for course 3 – 4 – 1, twice round for all ten races and with the gusty 10-15knts there were the usual missed buoys, boat hook ups. With the wind strength today, all skippers opted to use their A rigs with the exception of Gadget who decided to sail with his B rig but found himself under-powered on the running legs. Close racing was the order of the day and those who started well with a big handicap became a victim of their own success later in the morning (me ☹).

      Overall today, Bluey took out bragging rights with his RG65 swing rig with some excellent consistent racing. Well sailed Stuart ! Second place was Switch 4 pts adrift (& winner of the DF only class), with Jammy Jones taking the last podium position a further 2 points behind. Well sailed Lisa & David.

      It should be noted that the first 5 x DF only boats were only separated by 5 points. At the other end of the field, there were some very close competitive tussles that kept Sue and Bonnie on their toes scoring the results. Congrats to Peter G taking out R7 with a win, Gadget with a second place in R10 (B rig), and Andrew with a third place in R7 with his near submarine. Cooka unfortunately experienced major gear damage / breakage in the first race and sat the remainder of the morning out helping Sue, thank you to both of you.

      Bloody Geoff beat Bodge today by 1 miserable point which allowed him to win the first bet between the two of us (first to 5 day wins) and Bodge now has to buy him a $1 scratchie, well done Geoff 😊, I thought I had you, but you winning the last race sealed it ! next time …. 😊

      The hot beverages and chat were enjoyed by all that stayed back, thanks again to the Puddleduck crew.



      Coming up …

      Next week – DF95s (Easter Tuesday 2/4/24)

      Week after – RG/DF65s (Tuesday 9/4/24) with the option to stay back for lunch for those who wish to do so.




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      Great write up Bodge.

      I didn’t have too much luck with hat cam videos today.  Race 1 and 2 were unwatchable due to rain on the camera lens.  Some other races were too low or too high and not much of the sailing was in shot. I think the strong wind may have adjusted the hat without me noticing.

      Race 3


      Race 6


      Race 10


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