RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2023 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing DF95 21/02/2023

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      A sunny coolish day with south westerly winds of 5-12 knots greeted eight skippers today at the
      Duck, with the usual wind shifts and gusts to keep us all on our toes.

      There were a few skippers missing today for varying reasons, but they did miss some great sailing
      which was hotly contested on the water, all with great humour and banter.

      No major mishaps with the only notable minor ones being Fab wrapping his keel around buoy one
      whilst he was leading, nice one Fab! Jammy had a very close encounter with the treacherous
      fountain but managed to come free after a minute or so, and Gadget tangling himself around buoy
      three towards the end of the days racing. The Unflappable One nearly trod on Bodge at one stage and
      thought he should do 360 deg penalty on land, which was duly completed without face planting 🙂,
      nice one Don.

      We had two international visitors today from Dublin, Gadget’s son Aaron and daughter in law Nikki,
      with Gadget lending his DF65 to Aaron who did a great job racing around the buoys having never
      sailed a RC yacht before. Obviously, a chip off the old block. They are both keen to see if there are
      any yachts clubs nearby when they fly back home later this week. It was great to meet you both.

      A triangular course was set, buoy 3, to 4, to 1, with two laps to be completed. By 11am we had
      completed eight races so it was decided we should try three laps for the remaining two races, but
      unfortunately there seemed to be a lot of confusion whether we had completed three laps 🙂.

      As a result the ten races were completed early and we finished off with two unrecorded scratch
      races around all buoys with marks to starboard which proved to be great fun.

      Overall there were six different winners today which showed how close the racing was. The first
      three places were only separated by 2 points with the three place getters all dropping the same
      number of points. First place went to Bodge (I’ll take that 🙂), followed very closely by Jammy and
      Bloody Geoff. All other skippers had their moments of good fortune which is testament of the
      increased sailing skills. Well done to all skippers.

      Thank you to Gadget for supplying the paperwork, electronic equipment etc, it is greatly appreciated
      by all. The usual coffee and fudge post racing was enjoyed by all that attended, see you all next




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      Thanks for the great write up Bodge. You captured the day perfectly 👍

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      Some photos from Nikki….

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      And a short video…

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