RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 03/03/2020


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      Proud I am of the Merry Men today. When the call went out to come early and pull weed from the pond, all our chaps responded in magnificent fashion.

      In no time flat we had reclaimed 25% of our pond previously occupied by the keel trapping stuff.

      With a new bigger course to play with all 12 skippers were let loose on it for eight fast and furious races.

      With PRO Gerald calling the shots there was no escaping his eagle eye and many a penalty turn was done. The fleet was so closely matched you could have thrown a blanket over 90% of the fleet at almost every mark.

      First race saw Col #23 sprinting out front with his brand new hull to take the flag with a leg to his nearest rival. Sad to say that was pretty much his day as he disappeared backwards through the fleet with each new adjustment he made. Sad.

      Our newest member Ron #164 sailing Mikes DF65 boat did pretty well. He has begun the learning curve we all experience when starting out. Our wonderful group will give him all the help and encouragement he needs over the coming months to grow his racing skills.

      Graeme #82 noticed the difference between his RG and Kermits loner he sailed. The sudden responsiveness of the rudder in particular had him on his toes today.

      Kermit #182 sailed the yellow cleanskin but with no numbers on the sail to yell out as he finished, the valley seemed awfully quiet for a change.

      Mike#64 had the new 4K cam running today for two races before joining us in race three. Best result for him was a clear victory in race seven.

      Dave #48 enjoyed his sailing today but without any spangles to chase he was missing the sizzling form we have seen from him of late.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for our Geoff #80. A terrific win in race three was his best.

      Justin #61 showed some good form with three thirds plus an outright victory in race five.

      A good day at the office for our Don #99. Good consistent sailing throughout put him in fourth overall by a single point from third.

      Ricky #92 earns the Mr Consistency award for his fantastic efforts of finishing second in four separate races. Always a threat at the pointy end, our Ricky missed out on second overall today by a single point.

      With three fourths, a third, a second and an outright victory Phil #02 showed his true colours today with some very creative sailing.

      Mr Pink Bits Pete #78 put on a sailing master class today with outright victories in races two and six. He followed that up with two thirds and two fourths to become our champion for today. Congratulations Pete.

      After eight races with two drops the final points were:

      RonC on 59 points, Graeme on 50, Kermit on 47, Dave on 41, Mike on 32, Geoff on 31, Col on 26, Justin on 22, Don on 20, Ricky on 19, Phil on 18 and our winner today Pete on 16 points.

      Congratulations everyone on another great day out @ the duck and thank you for the weed cleaning working bee attendance.

      Words by Col, videos by Mike, fun by everyone

      Very Important Notice

      With the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta on next Saturday (7th) it might be worth noting that to be racing with us you must have either your club or your own third party insurance cover to take part.

      Please read the the paragraph titled ‘Insurance’ starting at the bottom of page three on the Order of Event document that can be accessed by clicking the button near the bottom of the webpage at: dftasmania.com

      Failure to read and/or comply with the requirements as stated could prevent your participation in the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta.

      With regards the Saturday regatta please be in attendance by nine when registrations open.

      Our PRO Stuart will be briefing the troops at 9.45 and we are racing at 10.

      Looking forward to a great day, see you there!

      Videos from today – For the best quality ensure you are viewing at 1080P

      The Working Bee


      Race 1


      Race 2

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      Beaut day’s sailing. Great report and videos guys. Thank you all for a ripper day.

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      Pete summed it up perfectly, great day, great pictures & videos and another great report.

      But as PRO for a day the biggest problem I had was the sail numbers, (duplicates or lack of them), with the expected large fleet on Saturday could you all make sure your sails are numbered correctly.

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        That sounds like a good idea. I’ll print a few extra “1’s” in case there are any duplicated numbers on Saturday.  I need to change the “Colorado Cool-Aid” numbers anyway, just in case it gets sailed next Tuesday again by RonC

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