RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 02/05/2020


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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 03/05/2020

      From what looked very much like a B rig in the forecast, all but one of the seven skippers today held on to their A+ rigs for the entire nine races.

      Not that it was balmy by any stretch of the imagination. The first seven races were close to champagne sailing with the occasional gust, the last two more like warm stale beer with a dash of survival steering thrown in.

      Under these conditions a number of skippers charges gave up the ghost including Gerald (rudder servo), Graham (winch), Kermit (breakages) and Phil (leaking hull).

      Our Geoff was seeing the buoys a little better but still managed to stand on some toes. Mikes to be exact. The same ones he broke late last week. Mike #164 passed on the first two races to shoot some top notch video and stills with his fantastic 4K camera.

      Back in the water Mike then came storming home in the closing stages with a third in race seven and first place in race eight. Mike opted for an A rig on “Colorado Cool Aid” and stuck with it all day.

      Despite stepping on a few toes and instigating the occasional raft up, Geoff #80 was otherwise on fire. With four second places plus a win in race four he was always threatening the pointy end taking out second overall today.

      Justin made a welcome return to the pond with a kangaroo kind of day. His second and first places in races four and five respectively were unfortunately brought down with some other less than stellar results.

      Graeme #52 was back today with his latest RG65 creation and was looking good and set to do well in the ideal conditions. Misfortune struck early unfortunately as the yachts sail arm failed before the start of the first race. He then took up the pencil and joined in the fun as our scorer and handicap person. Thanks Graeme.

      The hills were once more alive with Kermit’s dulcet tones, disturbing the aged, the young and lots of small furry animals in the process.

      Kermit’s perfect score of seven seventh places was a record even for him. With that he once more is restored to his favourite last place overall.

      Great to see our Don #99 back on the pond today. A bit of a slow start saw him quickly pick up the pace and score two seconds and two outright victories over the course of the next seven races.

      We welcome Phil Turnbull back to the pond with his near new V6. Phil did well today but like the rest of us was confounded at times by the fluky wind changes at buoys 1 & 2. After the first race he discovered some serious water ingress and was forced to patch over the cracks appearing in his hull. Sailing a V6 is no guarantee of getting a stronger hull yet it seems.

      Our man Gerald #02 joined in for the first three races before retiring with rudder servo problems. We haven’t seen a lot of our club champion on the water lately however judging by his victory in the very first race, he has lost none of his touch.

      Col’s #23 three first places and three thirds were good enough to get him over the line and winning the day.

      After nine races and two drops, the final scores were:

      Kermit on 50 points, Gerald on 44, Mike on 31, Phil T on 23, Justin on 22, Don on 20, Geoff on 17 and our winner today Col on 16 points.

      Congratulations everyone on being a part of a great day out.

      Special mention to Graeme for wielding the pencil and Mike for some superb photography.

      Next week its time to unleash big brother 95 for a seriously good time.

      Words by Col, pics by Mike and fun by everyone.

      Race 1

      Race 2

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      What  an excellent days sailing  fair weather a few good sailors  an GeofF   the toe cruncher )  I watched predators videos on the edge of my seat so exciting it was but I do have a grouch  Where was the Rule Book when that yellow sailed boat constantly bumped boats and even locked onto one an he was leading the race such skippers should be held to accou……..OHHHH that was me……..  now I remember I had sail problems ……..  moving on  Good to see PHIL at the pond doing his thing  showing the novices how its done an that brings me to the admiral once again the leader of the pack due mainly to his best mate the scorer GRAHAME   who’s effort as the chief scorer could have had an impact ( if his gorgeous missus was scoring I would be first for sure not that I wanna be  )  overall in my unbiased option the true champion for the day was PREDATOR  through pain  with a right foot crushed  and several toes hanging by band aids only……. he today forced himself to the pond to film today’s outing for us all Now I’m not saying what our GEOFF  did to predator was deliberate but he did in FACT    STOMP on mikes broken twisted bandaged blood soaked foot  after predator beat him in several races  it was a sad day to see the mighty predator nearly on his knees possibly crying with a voice so faint and filled with excruciating pain and being held up as to not topple over to feel  a sort of happiness knowing it wasn’t you      I called predator to see if he got home ok he said he had to stop twice to jab a needle into his toe to release the blood as the enlarged bloody blue black toe was throbbing as only a broken stomped on toe could  other than that not a bad day

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