RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard, Tasmania 17/03/2020


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      As advertised da Duck was at its absolute best today. The breeze stayed in the Northern quarter and was (mostly) steady, the temps were a very pleasant 18-20 degC and with the sun shining down the five skippers who came out to play all had a wonderful time.

      Deciding at the outset to run all races as scratch ones, it had the effect of focussing the skippers attention on good starts and race strategy.

      Was great to have Phil #32 with us again. He easily picked up the white cane award for his numerous missed marks today. Phil started slowly but by race five he was banging in podium places like no tomorrow.

      Phil came in for much ribbing from Geoff #80 who was the clear winner of this award last week. Geoff was sailing brilliantly today however and with his new Soch sails looking good, he scored two firsts, four seconds, two thirds and a fourth.

      Justin #61 was back with his Saint 65 and sailing well. A loose rudder coupling caused a wee bit of concern however a tweek with an Alan key and she was good to go again. Justin’s three seconds, three thirds and three fourths made him a candidate for the Mr Consistency Award as well as earning him third overall for the day.

      As there was no Kermit today Graeme #52 took it upon himself to fill the role of tail end Charlie. New sails on the new boat really looked great however they just couldn’t match the larger sail areas of the A+ rigs he was up against.

      Col had a good day at da Duck today. Discovering this morning he had no battens in the main sail while competing in the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta explained quite a lot. Rushing to finish the new main the night before the event, this small detail got overlooked. With battens now in place Col was on fire scoring seven first places to take the title of overall winner today.

      After nine races with two drops, the final scores were:

      Graeme on 29 points, Phil on 23, Justin on 19, Geoff on 13 and our winner today Col on 7 points.

      At the conclusion of racing today we forewent our usual coffee break inside to stay out and discuss if we should close down whilst the pandemic is in force. The facts were agreed to that a mornings sailing @ da Duck is a healthy outside activity, by nature there is plenty of social distance from each other at all times and most importantly, there is no contact at all with passing tourist traffic.

      All opinions were canvassed and it was unanimously decided to continue sailing Tuesday’s as is currently. The one logical condition was for no-one to show up if they have an infection of any kind or suspect they may be infected by Coronavirus through relationship or contact.

      The decision to take part or not in Tuesdays sailing will be entirely yours to make and it will be totally respected by all.

      No photos today as all having too much fun.

      Words by Col, pond by Puddleduck……fun was inevitable.

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      Thanks for the report Col, looks like a fun day was had by all.

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