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      Despite the dire warnings of high winds, rain and hail from the BOM, ten skippers said fooey on that, turned up anyway and were greeted with sunny clear skies, a 7-9 knot WNW breeze and a roasting seven degrees C temperature. Perfect!

      A much improved sail today for our own Hobart Chinaman #81 who through hard work and consistency is now coming to grips with sailing @ da Duck, getting better every week. Good on ya Dave.

      Sheep #37 is another coming to grips with the wild and ‘Woolley’ breeze fluctuations we all cop while sailing @ da Duck and ……. woolley it definitely was. Not gusting that hard but some big changes in direction caught most everyone out at some stage.

      We had a new skipper join the Merry Men of Puddleduck pond today. A warm welcome to Phil #17, you have found a good mob to sail with.

      Tip of the day ……

      If you are unsure of a skippers name chances are now with 3 Phil’s and two David’s he’ll be a Phil or a Dave. 👍

      Ron #164 was enjoying his new freedom to sail whenever he damn well wants and celebrated today with a podium place in race four.

      Bodge #06 had a day he’ll be quick to forget. Three podiums weren’t enough to take the sting out of two fountain’ mounts (and dismounts) upon our metal monster.

      He reckons there’s a button on the other side near the dinghy that make the fountain release it’s death grip.

      As far fetched as it seems, this secret button and it’s location is also known by NSS  RG#08. Yep not be outdone, Stuart too mounted and dismounted the metal octopus …. twice…. saved by the magic button both times. Very impressive. Maybe there is something in it?

      Missing a buoy? Ask Bloody Geoff #80. Geoff surpassed his own impressive record of missed marks today. In addition to the unkind suggestion that he may have selective hearing can now be added selective rounding. Got to where the entire cast of Merry Men chimed in unison that poor Geoff might just have missed another one. Oh dear 🙄.

      The Smiling Assassin (aka Patch) #32 was very consistent, difficult to pass and a permanent feature of the pointy end today.

      Patch thought he’d try to lighten his boat by leaving off the battery hatch sticker. This idea was short lived as he soon relented, patched up and went on to bag an impressive six podium places for the morning. BTW his hastily applied patch also leaked!

      The Admiral #23 had his moment of glory in race four and with the exception of two other podium places he disappeared back mid fleet for the rest of the morning.

      Trout #11 was on fire today with an untouchable six podiums of which four were on the top step. Despite carrying a staggering handicap of 75 seconds at the end, our Trout just dominated and fully deserved his winning of the day.

      Final tip….

      What happens at the bottom mark stays at the bottom mark …. just sayin’ 😉.

      We missed our favourite people today Graeme and Sue, so it was thanks today to Ron for working his scoresheet magic and bringing along a table and start box for the smooth running of our morning. As always, thank you Mike for publishing our scores and keeping things tidy.

      RCToysTasmania subs are due again now and Mike will be sending those notices out shortly. Please pay the $15 promptly so that our insurance can be covered in time without anyone being out of pocket when it’s paid.

      Suggestions for a combined lunch with our partners every few months has been made and accepted. If any of our members can think up a social event that can be held concurrently with our normal sail day please text that to me.

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      Well done guys. I stayed home next to the heater!!

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      After coffee, hot chocolates and muld wines, Stuart RG#08, sought me out in the car park as he was concerned I might be heading towards the railway roundabout and might mount another fountain! 😂 but thankfully as I reside on the eastern shore, the fountain was safe 🤣 …. On this occasion

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      As usual it sounds like a mighty fine day was had by all.

      I really should extract the digit & get a new sailwinch for the 65 & get back to the Duck.  Can’t spend all the time flying !!

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        Yes do that Mike!!
        With the winch I’m liking the DF Digital version a lot.

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      Now that was a nice write up  very inspiring only an ADMIRAL  could give a commentary  with gusto an with a feeling that his twinkies weren’t frozen off ……….WELL DONE SIR

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