RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ the Field 2022 Quick Sunday Fly-In


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      I guess you can’t always be right but I think the Weather app was telling me porky’s today (well that’s my story & I’m sticking to it).

      Yes it was dry but the westerly wind (the worst direction for landing) blowing across the Frog Pond was freezing, and there was no sun shining from behind the clouds.

      We needed to cut short the Float Planes session today before we all ended up with hypothermia & once we got back to the top of the field for some normal flying it wasn’t much better.

      At least all 4 of us that attended got to fly but unfortunately there were a couple of Oops moments today.

      Kermit was having trouble handling his “float plane” after a kindly hand launch (still won’t take off from water) from Ron and his rather hard return to mother earth resulted in a broken tail & burnt out ESC along with a rather scorched cockpit area.  At least he flew well with his Bixler 3 later on in the morning.

      Gerald also had a failure of an ESC in his Eyas Eagle which also resulted in a hard landing & broken nose etc etc. Luckily its foam & all easily repairable and no scorch marks, unlike our little Green friend.

      My Eyas “Li’l Eagle biplane faired much better and is still in great flying order. Also gave the Excalibur V2 a squirt around the field for about 20 minutes. Needed to do a Cross Wind landing (or walk a very long way) but she handled it with ease.

      Ron had 3 planes in the air today & I think they are still all intact, may need to edit that after watching the various videos as they usually show something I missed completely @ the field.

      By lunch time we had all had enough of the cold so the usual BBQ was cancelled & all went home for some warmth, a feed & a lot of video editing.

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        Good video Kermit, But sorry I can’t vote for it as I filmed the better quality parts.

        P.S. I pushed the Mute button a few minutes from the end, much more enjoyable.

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          YES YOU DID DEAR FRIEND an I  want the world to know it AN if you had posted a video I woulda voted for you  thats what friends do  NO $5.00 BRIBES to over seas people  just a clean vote

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            To late for crawling, I have already voted for the opposition.

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        Not too shabby Kermit, even if you did have to rope Uncle G in for some of the footage.

        I guess you will get my vote as it was pretty good camera work keeping up with Excalibur and the aerobatics of Li’l Eagle.

        Most of the editing was nice and tight but I guess you got a bit tired towards the end.

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      $10 dollars is on its way to help with the family tucka bill hoppy cobber  No need to thank me its what I do for friends

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      Robbo RON if theres any thing you would like to borrow from my video tonight feel free  NO  strings attached no $5.00 bribes just good decent friendship

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      FANCY hearing from my dearest mate SEA SIDE MITCH  hows it going cobber  I missed your better halfs sauce today an you to ofcouse  I was just reminiscing about your flying  like how good you are  what surperb landings you do   just had to get that out there  you have a nice day now

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      Just for the record UNCLE  G   Your girl slap was indeed justified  I shouldna scared you with the opps moments  sorry thats what Best mates do when one falls out  one  apalogises  Sleep tight good buddy

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        Didn’t scare me this time, see my post above.

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          I did see it and responded  dear friend   out of curiosity can you vote twice …. just askin  cobber mate

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            You could vote twice but the Administrator will know and would probably serve you up at his French restaurant so it would not be advisable

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      Todays Poll is now live for 48 hours.

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      well pred ol cobber mate  this was my third attempt the sound was out of sink in one the other NO opps in the video just a white out  in that section and video  locking in post production  so third was gunna be it as I had enough

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      hey pred    hows my crawlin coming along on the vote page  have I won yet

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        Doesn’t look like it’s working, you are way behind Predator in the results!

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        Well Kermit, I thought your video was very good & I voted for you but I guess you didn’t “Splash the Cash” as the pollies say in appropriate quantities in others directions.

        Better luck next time.

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      The final tally for voting on Sunday’s videos

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        Congratulations again Mike!

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      Yes, well done Mike.

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      Thanks all. Especially for those successfully flying their float planes.

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      Just got back inside after all day regraveling our road  an what do I see on our site  but the big fella does it again   Im takin me $10  BACK from hoppy after this  an no more nice frog either NEITHER BRIBES NOR NICENESS  will get me the covereted  GMA  so I might try following  the big fella around an  copy what he does ..might work  ……………..an oh yeah  congrats  whats his name

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