RC AIRCRAFT FLYING Flying @ “The Field” Flying @ The Field 2021 Quiet little Mid Week Fly-In @ the Field

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      Another nice day @ the Field today, 10:00 am start to beat the weather but the winds were light all day & the rain held off.

      There was a small amount of Thermal activity, well at least enough to carry the two parachutists, that jumped from my Grand Tundra “Bush Pig 2”, up way high above the altitude that they jumped at and off into the distance over Frederick Henry Bay and well on their way down to Dunalley.

      GT flew well as she always does as did the 820mm Sky Shadow Wing (with the slightly dumbed down stabiliser).

      Also got to maiden the 900mm AR Wing but only in manual mode as the stabiliser was not functioning correctly, probably an operator error in programming (I’ll check shortly). I’m manual mode it flew very well but was extra touchy especially as its currently set up with full throws on all control surfaces. It spins on its axis & has 100% vertical climb as well as a very tight loop so looking forward to the next flight.  The AR Wing had the RunCam 2 fitted but the canopy was pressing on the camera control button & ran the battery flat overnight. I’ll rectify it with a small spacer ready for the next flight.

      Programming checked out OK BUT I did have the aileron & elevator servo wires (Delta Wing Config) crossed over. I’ve also changed to SBus connection and that plus the wiring change seems to have made the stabiliser far more responsive (like it should be). Ready for Test Flight No 2

      One casualty today with Dave misjudging a landing with his Razor and not only damaging the plane (luckily fixable) but damaging the poor old Moose as well. Metal nose cones do bring up rather large welts eh Moose.

      Not long after, just to add insult to injury Moose also pranged his Razor, just after experiencing a fly away with his Cessna that resulted in a near perfect 3 point landing in a nice low tree.

      Hoppy had his cine-quad up and about as well as his Foxy Chic glider & FPV planes so should hopefully have some good video to show.

      Kermit also seemed to have his camera in hand most of the day so overall there should be more videos added soon.

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      The plovers and I will be a strong contender for the Golden Moose award but I had work this arvo and evening so expect videos tomorrow.

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        Nice video Kermit, I really enjoyed that. A bit too much wildlife again, but gets my vote for the prestigious GMA!

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          I loved my kangaroo free landing, but the plover rudder removal was the most spectacular! Moose award?

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            I agree with you my dear friend but as it has evolved I was robbed from my award  GIVEN then TAKEN  away  due to a kamakzi attack by BIG BAD DAVE   after the incident the fur coat lost his voice lost his ability to wobble  opps walk an went into a coma  of sorts  his beautiful missus  took him to the vet hospital   They wanted to remove his hoof an replace it witha flipper but he said no as he often scratches his butt with his hoof an couldnt see himself shovin a flipper up his butt  for a scratch, but now we have a new comer with the new winner HOPPY  who  kissed the naked hoof an in return received the GMA ….UNCLE G  was so incensed  that the loving friendship he had with the fur coat has dissolved  So no more GMA for him but Im not distressed about the stripping of the GMA from me as   there was an element of  fair video in HOPPYS VIDEO   just a tad   ………………….just say’n

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      My stuff:

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      And the winner of the G.M.A has not bee decided yet as there are more videos to come


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      Here is my entry for the Golden Moose award. My Fox suffered many scars to get this footage so I cant believe the award has already been given. I think there should be a revote or seperate award for airclips.

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        hoppy yes I agree your vid was by far the best  an you should have got it  I guess your video was late an the moose forgot you had a vid to show  that would explain it ALSO the dear ol thing did have a concussion from daves  attempt to  remove his leg  ………………just say’n

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          It’s amazing just how bendy the fin and rudder are. And a good thing too else you would have lost the lot with the huge hit. I reckon it’s would win a gold logie if it was a popular vote choice, but it is not 🤔

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        Gee, I think I’ll stick to playing with the eagles, at least they play fair, those tag team plovers were hell bent on ripping off your rudder, as they did it Andrew’s glider.

        Nice clear video. Which camera was that?

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          808 #32 keychain cam

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      And here is some footage from my mini quad:


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        You got my vote Hoppy I think we should start a rival award this appears rigged, just say’n

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          its always been rigged  up until now the evil one….. the sinker the darstely UNCLE G  has been donating to MR MOOSES bank account for the award of the golden moose award  in this instance I think HOPPYS  video was late an the fur coat forgot he was a player but still what happened to uncle g  his best mate has he forgotton to pay this week ?   demand a re vote or do an UNCLE G  an pay the fur coat

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            I voted for you Kermit??????? (but that was before Hoppys video’s came along)

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      I have just spoken to the owner of the award  TGMA and it was quite obvious the the fur coat is in a state of shock as the medication he was perscribed at the emergency animal shelter hospital is still working he said his hoof might need to be removed and a flipper put in its place he lost it at that stage an the rest was the usual blabber  but  I did gleen that its possible that a re think of the award is possible  due to his medication

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      Oh yes I did suffer some foolish episodes while reclining in my chair medicated out of my mind

      However I am now completely sane and have re listed the winner of this weeks G.M.A  (no frog will win this award )

      and it goes to a very worthy winner it is ?

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        Moose you need to post the video link on a new line with nothing else on it to embed the video into your post.

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      WHATS going on here    the award is mine… Mine  you cant do this  its like giving an ice cream to a child then before they can lick it you snatch it away …..not fair  I think your still under the meds   so I refuse to accept your new GMA    IT’S MINE  an as far as UNCLE Gs comment goes   it doesnt matter cos I won first

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      Dearest Moose

      Thanks for letting me kiss your bruise better and for the award. You will be on all four hoofs soon despite the poison frog words heading your way.

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        Hoppy    You mean your accepting this travesty of justice  how can you live with yourself  knowing that another one got the gong first   its rightly mine I got it first  there are no seconds  its MINE MINE    an when EVER have I posted poison words …..  if your inferring to comments to UNCLE G and or MR MOOSE  they are simply terms of endearment  my style    as the fur coat is unwell  you should just decline the award ……………….just say’n

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      Hoppy after your kind words you are my new best friend

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        Moose. I have cancelled my direct payments into your bank account now that you have a new best friend!

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      The quietness is deafening

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      you are a born grizzler  you were never going to win it was just to give you hope then give me much pleasure in taking it away

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      GEEZE   thats just down right cruel  so how does it feel knowing your cash cow has given you the finger   (UNCLE G ) 

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