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      WITH BIG BOATS I MEAN REALLY BIG SUCKERS   on the canal mixing it with small yachts   obviously the small boat will ver off tor the bigger one  Right  what happens when the big buggers just want to nudge  an be friendly  Nothing really you just let it happen  so in the pictures below see how its done by an expert  but before you look here’s the story of today’s sail at the canal starting with five and finishing with six. Big bad moooose did indeed turn up and a  lot of money was lost on him  (turning up or not ) with two boats,      bad angel arrived ( but with a sick boat) so he had one of mine  predator with his huge big mother sucker what ever its called  (death on water ) and his camera tug boat .    RON B  with a 65  an me with a 65 and 95  an a newbee turned up with a nice boat.  Sailing was very good with varying winds  an the glorious sun was out in a clear sky Sooooo how long was it before moooose  ran aground  I didn’t time it  but it could have been 5 minutes 23.8 seconds  there about’s  with moose resting  Ron B  felt that the shore mud was preferable to the channel while predator was seeking    victims   looking for  some one to play with  AN HE DID  often as a mater of fact lets be honest all the time he was on the water,    so with ramming not touching anyone it was a tactical day sailing on the canal for the victims  the rest of the crew.  BAD ANGEL showed his skill with the 65  until he to fell to the aggressive advance of the death on water   making a tactical manoeuvre to the mud flats joining moose and RON B   leaving only the green machine ( 95 )  to out sail out manoeuvre  an just kick his butt  obviously this could be only done with a superior sailor   SO WITH MODESTY  I did just that forcing him to leave the water and returning with his tug boat  to finish his day  at 12  We retired to the BBQ for the usual lies an boooze  No alcohol for me I’m a earl grey tea man  That’s the day as I honestly saw it




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      I notice you used the word HONEST a frog would not know what the word HONEST meant

      The Moose

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      The story from Kermit La Frog almost (and I do stress almost) has a ring of truth today, anyway the media boat was in action today and all was caught on video so you the viewer be the judge.

      Was nice to see Grant Y there today with his Monsoon (and have him joining in the lunchtime BBQ).

      His Monny still needs a bit more work but at least it’s on the water & sailing, now if we can just get his Dad (Anthony) out there sailing the Ragazza he purchased from me a few months ago it will be a real family affair.

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      arhhhhh the mooose has  bellowed .      the word (highlighted )” honest”  is most sacred to me I hold it in the highest esteem  so I am trying to determine  the foundation on which you have a grievance  could it be the timing of your  grounding  ie mud bank  as I stated I wasn’t timing it but I did know from previous liking of  the hard you have had.        that it wouldn’t to long to wait So no problem with the truth there  did predator  touch another boat  well yes mine on another photo  I will put up  did RON B  go to the hard yes  No problem with honesty there either BAD ANGEL went to the hard as well with predators ( death on water ) in the vicinity….. true  ….. did I kick his butt BY DEFINITION NO “BUT ”  we were the last to leave the water an he left first  so  some thing made him  remove himself  “frog maybe” ? so dearest moooose  where is the dishonest part you infer  there may be parts of the story that is embellished a tad but that is something all writings need  to make it a readable bit of nonsense  SO MOOOOSE’IE baby  have another go  I KERMIT LA FROG  dare you kissie kissie

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      I thank the Honorable predator for his candid reply  and yes we will see sailing but I wonder if certain scenes will be  deleted  where photos don’t lie but video can be cut spliced to form whatever the editor wishes.  As a fellow  honest chap i’m sure there will be a nice perfect video shown…….. I have just watched predators video  as expected brilliant  superb  a craftsman indeed    i should have remembered that the monster had been removed by the days end  but i’m gettin old my memory  is not as good as it was

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      I see you got a lot of attention from the media boat in the first part of Preds video Kermit. I think they are just trying to work out why you are so fast. Good ploy at the end he did not know what green machine to follow.

      Nice video Pred. Enjoyed your previous one where the duck nearly had you back in the shallows. See if you had got stuck he had all his mates there to show what they can do to a stricken yacht. But you turned just in time.

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      GOD DAMN TUGBOAT  your right on the ball  good to see your monitoring our Saturdays bit of fun  thanks for the  spirited commentary

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