RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 RBRYC DF95 sailors visit Puddleduck

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      Greetings gentlemen.

      Today we hosted the RBRYC mob at the ‘Duck for their monthly DF95 Wednesday races.

      Andrew Wardrop, Phil Turnbull, Chris Wood and Wayne Turner brought their 95’s over to play whilst Don and Col from our mob shown up to sail with them.  Gerald turned up but unfortunately couldn’t stay for the racing due to prior commitments.

      Unfortunately Andrew also didn’t get to stay and enjoy the day, being called away early for a family emergency. For the rest of us it was another perfect Puddleduck Sailing day.

      The weather was mild as predicted but though the breeze did go light at times it was remarkably consistent for most of the day.

      Phil was part time PRO so I can’t give the final scores for the session however I can say the racing was very close at times with almost no daylight between finishing boats.

      Over coffee a number of our visitors expressed a desire to return soon and sail with our regular mob. From what I saw today I wholeheartedly support that motion.

      Many thanks to all who contributed to a wonderful day out @ the Duck.

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      I recon that would be neat as long as our rules applied  and all boats use a sea anchor  except mine ………no problem from me

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      Results from RBRYC visit to Puddleduck by Kyle Stewart 

      The weather stayed mild all morning & the breeze held to give 5 sailors an enjoyable day out.

      Handicap system worked well & we got some variety into the course when the wind swung more NW after morning coffee.

      It was great to have RBRYC at Puddleduck so please come again.

      Well done to Col Johnson, sailing a very consistent day – home ground advantage? A decisive winner, with Phil Turnbull in second, just ahead of Wayne Turner.


      Many thanks to Col & also Chris Wood who took over PRO duties.

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