RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Forcett Lakes Sailing @ Forcett Lakes 2021 Real Boats @ Forcett Lakes 8/7/21

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      A perfect mid-winter day for sailing real boats at Forcett Lakes.

      We had five skippers in attendance today with a steady light to medium north westerly blowing across the lake.

      Also had the pleasure of Jeff Byerley dropping in and after sailing Ricky’s boat for a couple of races, gave some advice on correct set up.

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      Looking good, when the weather warms up I’ll have to bring the “Wedgie” down for a run.

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        It’s on the east coast so it’s always warmer than Hobart! (That’s what Ricky tells us)

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      what’s with the headline    REAL SAILING   what are you inferring  MR UNCLE G ……… COME ON SPIT IT OUT

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        Kermit, you should go to specsavers, the headline said “REAL BOATS” not “real sailing”?????????????????????????

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        well I’ve just finished looking at  UNCLE G s video  an to be fair  canal sailing by the floaters is by far more exciting   Gotta be honest sorry if it hurts ya feeling’s but if you want to sail with the best  the canal Saturdays 10 oclock sail with the floaters an your a winner

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          Can’t argue with that Kermit, I have watched the “BLOATER’s” running aground on the other shore every 5 minutes, getting stuck in the mud, getting weed caught around the keel and rudder, running into innocent camera boats, duck an seagull poo everywhere, it must be exciting otherwise you wouldn’t do it every week?


          You will have to get your IOM going and bring it down to the Forcett Lakes (Golf Course), we can get Ricky to measure it for you. (we know how you like to stick to the rules).

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      OH  well I did have my glasses off when I read the title  SOOOOOO  perhaps sorry is in order ………………………..but not from me                just say’n

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