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      Another great day at Forcett Lakes, we were greeted with a warm sunny day and “B” rig winds.

      After a couple of races the winds picked up, and only one skipper (Peter W) had brought his “C” rigs with him.

      But he did bring two boats, so the second boat was shared between other skippers.

      Video from today,


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      I look forward to any videos from the lake¬† and as usual¬† my favourite video fella didnt dissapoint with another brilliant top notch example of a craftsman at work ……………… UNCLE G¬† well done again

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        Thank you Kermit for the kind words, the only thing missing today was you being there. (Little Wicky needed some sailing tips)

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      AS always …mostly¬† I tell the truth as your video clearly shows your the best¬† as for my widdle mate¬† Wicky¬† ¬†TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL does have a sailing section attached to the flight school¬† and were waiting for the widdle fella to approach us¬† IN YOUR OUTSTANDING VIDEO¬† the once¬† mighty Wicky was posing as the american statue of liberty in cold windy conditions talking in a foreign language ……..yep were waiting

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