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      HOW DOES ONE KNOW WHICH ONE IS WHICH   is one male the other female?   I gotta register mine an don’t know if its a she or he I think it a girl boat…… because today she was a real bitch…  picking up weed  /tree branches hitting dear o”l cole  (she might like him )   SO PLEASE HELP    TA

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      Kermit, being an old seadog (or is that an old seafrog) you should know that all boats are female, as noted they are often “a bitch” and always High Maintenance so what else could they be.

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      PRED   your right  when I wrote the request I was frustrated  of couse boats are female for the above reasons   it was just the stupid regulations  one model changes the rules  from another   ………………..oh…. that’s like a devoice  isn’t it   Nowwwwww   i’v got it     thanks cobber should have asked you first

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      All the littlies are RG65’s. The RG65 class is a very open rule set and open to experimentation by design, with just a few constraints such as monohul, single rudder and keel, 650 long, max sail area, max mast height – but the rest is for experimentation.
      The DF65 is literally the Joysway DF65 yacht only, and to remain “in class” it effectively remains as per out of the box, with the exception of decoration, sails (can be after market), but the rest needs to remain as manufactured.

      Hope that helps

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      KYLE  that is the answer I required  because I had received no reply’s  I assumed no one knew  so I hope a lot read this answer  thanks a lot cobber

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      Sorry, I missed this discussion. Kyle is spot on as usual. Well done.

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