RC BOATING YACHTING Builds RonB's Mount Gay 30 rebuild

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      Ron B is also in the process of rebuilding a Mt Gay 30.

      His appears to be a later model as it is fitted with a full fibreglass deck with integrated cabin and only a very small hatch to access the interior.

      I have been giving Ron some assistance by 3D printing some parts for his rebuild.

      First was a keelbox (very similar to what I used in mine.

      Ron has epoxied this into place and partially installed a DF65 keel fin & bulb

      Next after discussing numerous options for a servo tray with Ron (due to the limited access) we have opted for a 3D printed tray that attaches to the top of the keelbox.

      Ron is using a DF65 sailwinch & rudder servo so the loading will be quite low

      This has provision for both servos & a 5cell AA battery pack and is designed to be a tight fit over the centre of the keelbox so a single screw will be all that is required to install & remove it.


      Hopefully it will all work as expected.

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